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The Contract Shop® provides contract templates and all the legal paperwork you need to run your business well. No expensive attorneys required.


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Hi, I'm Christina

In 2014, I was unsure about what I would do with my life. Working in-house as an attorney, I couldn’t help but daydream about a more creative career path.

Frustrated, overwhelmed and fearful, I went to a meetup with other creatives just trying to ‘make it’ where the topic of the meeting was contracts, an area I am well-versed in as an intellectual property attorney. It became clear that my fellow creatives needed legal help-- there wasn’t anything or anyone out there to help them. From there, The Contract Shop was born.

I’m proud to offer what I consider to be the best contract templates out there to help you in whatever way it can. If you have any questions, either myself or a team member is always standing by.

–Christina Scalera, Founder, The Contract Shop®

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