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Free Education with the Rising Tide Society

Hey y'all! It's been a month! I don't normally take a break that long from writing on my blog but I had some pretty crazy personal stuff happen in my life in December, and plan on writing about it soon (but not right now!) If you're dying to find out what happened you can peruse my Facebook or Instagram pages where I briefly touched on my losses.

Today I have some exciting news I've been waiting almost two months to share- I've teamed up with the Rising Tide Society to provide four upcoming blog posts AND four upcoming webinars about all things legal in the creative world. Head on over to their website to sign up and watch today so you don't miss a thing! This is going to be very valuable and the best part is it's FREE!!

And if you've been reading, you know my philosophy- I only put the best content out there. With legal stuff, there's enough to talk about for ten lifetimes, which means you'll be getting course-worthy material for no cost.


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