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3 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know from the Start

3 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know from the Start

What New Creatives Should Know

Starting a creative business is *deep breath* exciting, stressful, empowering, draining, inspiring, emotional, rewarding, lonely, and ultimately, liberating. Yes, I purposely zigzagged through ups and downs because that is the real entrepreneurial journey, y’all. With all of these feelings exploding inside, real life happening on the outside, and a sky high “To-Do” list… whelp, I’m curling back into my introvert shell just thinking about it. Anyone else thinking Starbucks needs a delivery service right about now?

In the beginning, it’s easy to quickly get swallowed up by your work... learning how to create your own graphics, take better photos, plan your social media content, write blog posts, and (oh yeah!) create products or services that at least one person wants to buy. I know I found myself uncertain more than once in my first years of business.

The thing is, and I didn’t know it back then, I wasn’t totally alone in feeling like I was wandering around aimlessly at times. In the last year, I’ve talked to so many creatives who launched their businesses with a passion and a fury, only to hit a wall, wondering, “What am I doing? Why do I feel so STUCK?!”

When you’re totally consumed by your work, it’s impossible to step back and take an accurate inventory of where you’re at. It’s like being in the ocean — when you look into the depths, it’s just dark and murky. But when you scoop a little glass of water up, you can see through it because it’s not murky at all — it’s really clear.

If your business were an ocean, and we scooped up just one little glass, what would we be able to find? What kind of clarity and insights could you gather by taking things piece by piece rather than worrying about EVERYTHING all at once? If you want to make your business just a little bit more clear, if you want to see through the muck and the murky water, click here to download a PDF that walks you through the three things you need to implement from Day 0. And if it’s more like Day 728, it’s still better late than never!

Here are 3 things every business owner needs to know from the start.

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