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TheContract.Shop was created by attorney Christina Scalera as a way for creative entrepreneurs, online educators + course creators, coaches and wedding professionals to take control of their business, set thoughtful boundaries with clients and most importantly, get PAID fairly and on time.

What makes your contract templates so special, Christina?

What makes your contract templates so special, Christina? // Follow these tips from creative attorney and legalize your business today!

Let’s be real, I’m a recovering spender. So I sympathize with those of you out there wondering why you should even consider buying a contract template from me. There are so many options out there when it comes to buttoning up your biz, and, if you’re anything like me, you research, research, research to gather #alltheinfo before spending your hard-earned money. If you’re wondering what makes my contract templates so magical, my fabulous team has put together this little diddy for you to consider.

The legal stuff. (I promise the rest of this post gets much sexier.)

I went to law school because I was obsessed with branding. Butttttt not in the designer sense. I was obsessed with the fact that people and companies would spend so much time and money creating something for the people they valued above all else — their consumers and clients. And, that there were big buttheads out there that would actually just go out and STEAL this stuff that people had worked so hard for so they could make a quick buck. I saw trademarks as a way to protect this great injustice, and I was hooked.

Before I went to Emory for law school, I spent my summers sifting through counterfeit packaging from all over the world and figuring out our strategy to prosecute and protect the brands that I felt so strongly towards. It’s this same passion I felt when I went in Facebook groups and saw brand and business owners hurting for a good solution —Legal Zoom was too generic, a custom drafted contract was too expensive. Enter my templates, that are broad enough to fit a niche industry (like wedding planning) but narrow enough to focus on that industry’s exact woes and common frustrations (no hot meal?! WTH client!!)

You’re basically buying a custom contract.

I used to offer customization of client contracts as a service, but then I started realizing that my custom contracts resembled my templates. Why? Because my contract templates are so inclusive that they already covered #allthethings a creative entrepreneur would need! 

My contract templates are also peer-reviewed by two of Atlanta’s top IP (intellectual property) litigators and graduates of top 20 law schools. In normal people language, that means these contracts have been reviewed by at least three lawyers experienced with dealing with the bad people of the world out there to rip you off… making them pretty trustworthy.

Plus, my contract templates include LIFETIME updates, so as the creative industry shifts and new types of collaborations arise, your contract stays up-to-date (without the unnecessary and expensive $$$ attorney fees) so you don’t have to panic every time you sign a new client.

From one creative to another.

Many people choose to have a local attorney draft a client contract for them when they’re just starting out, because that’s what someone told them to do. They probably excitedly referred them to their attorney with raving reviews.

There’s nothing wrong with this advice, and you’ll likely get an okay contract, but a local attorney who is an amazing fit for your friend may not be THE ONE for you. Does he or she know the creative industry or the ins and outs of running an online business? Does he or she even know what a ‘styled shoot’ is, or set one up before? Probably not, and that will definitely be reflected in the client contract they create for you.

I’m a lawyer, but I’m also a creative. I said I wasn’t going to defend my own creative passions but here I go. In case you were wondering where my access to the community comes from, I have my own (*cough* not very successful) Etsy shop; I paint (every now and then you’ll see one on Instagram); I’m a professionally trained floral designer; and, recently, I have been fine tuning my modern calligraphy skills.

If you’re still not convinced, I think we should set up a quick call to get to know each other better and if you still feel like we can’t relate, then you should go design your website with only primary colors and have fun eating vegetables for their taste because clearly we are just not a great fit.

What makes your contracts templates so special Christina? legal tips for creatives...

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