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76 Course Topic Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

Turning services into products is a great way to make money, even while offline. I’ve met so many creative business owners who tell me it’s hard to start the process, they want to create an online course, but they aren’t sure what it should be about. The best advice I can give you is to start small. You don’t need to launch HUGE courses. If you’re ready to make passive income a reality, but need a little guidance on what your course should cover, here’s a list of 76 passive income course ideas for you!

  1. How to Hire Your First Independent Contractor
  2. Reaching Your First 100 Email Subscribers
  3. Establishing a Stellar Client Onboarding System
  4. How to Attract Your Ideal Client Consistently
  5. Getting Your Instagram Act Together for More Follows
  6. How to Run a First Webinar Successfully
  7. Sparking Creativity When You Feel Tapped Out
  8. Plan a Year of Content in Just One Week
  9. Take Better Product Photos
  10. Control the Crazy: Get Your Life Organized
  11. How to Create an Effective Mission Statement
  12. Simplifying Your Next Launch
  13. Selling Yourself in Person
  14. Plan Your First Styled Shoot
  15. Building a Network that Works for You
  16. How to Price Your Creative Services
  17. Why You Should Offer Services Instead of Products
  18. Writing a Better About Page
  19. Designing an Unforgettable Client Experience
  20. Get Your Work Published
  21. Elevating Your Retail Brand
  22. Standing Out in a Saturated Market
  23. How to Find Your First Clients
  24. Streamlining Your Social Media  
  25. Start Your Own [calligraphy, wedding planning, etc.] Business in 30 Days

Be sure to download the full list at the link above, and share your favorite topic in the comments!

76 Ideas for your first business course! Legal tips for creative business owners!


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