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What to do If Someone Steals Your Business Idea

It's happened. You woke up this morning to an email. A newsletter. A facebook post. A few minutes later, you felt like you'd swallowed your heart. Someone took your idea. Your million dollar cash cow that was your one-way ticket to a life of freedom, family and fun-- gone. So what now?

I was just in Vegas over this past weekend celebrating my best friend's bachelorette party (hey, hey now- don't get any ideas- the only thing I drank was a glass of Chianti). While we were there, we skipped the Thunder from Down Under and instead opted for something more salacious- Britney.

While I was at her show, I couldn't help but think about.... you guys! As I was watching Britney dance around on stage and "sing," I was thinking about all the other singers out there, and how the fact that just because there are other singers, it doesn't seem to stop new singers from coming on the scene and trying their hand...voice? at singing to the world. So why do we, as current or aspiring entrepreneurs, allow the other, more famous singers out there to stomp out our dreams, just because they were bigger, or more famous or "first"? Why do we, as creatives see our work as a commodity rather than a talent?

When we see our work as a commodity rather than an exercise of our gifts, it's easy to see how we can fall into the trap of "oh, they were first...they were bigger..."

However, when we realize that for some people, Britney is their jam and for others, Adele is where it's at, it's easier to see that just because someone gets their idea out before you, it doesn't mean the world doesn't need your voice. Think about how crazy it would be if Adele looked at Britney Spears and was like, "Oh well, she's already singing pop songs, I need to find another career." Ummmm, no.

Just because someone else is 'bigger,' or more popular or 'first,' it doesn't mean you don't have a message and a purpose the world needs to hear. The title of this blog post is "what to do if someone steals your business idea." I'm not going to disappoint you with vague stories of Britney Spears vs. Adele, because I like lists, here's 7 things to do if someone steals your idea.

What to do if someone steals your business idea.

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