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How Do You Create Your Own Luck? 4 Ways to get started as a 'lucky' entrepreneur today

Fresh off the plane from teaching a workshop about contracts in Seattle yesterday, I decided to take a break from the legal stuff just for a day. Okay, I wrote an article about contracts, then took a break from the legal stuff.

With St. Patrick's Day upon us, and with a healthy handful of 'luck' that's come this way this year, I thought I'd take a pause from the more business and legal focused blog content to explain how I got so lucky, and most importantly, show you how you can do it too.

Last St. Patrick's Day, I was doing some consulting for a yoga studio that was opening up here in Atlanta. Sounds decent right? Well, the truth was, I was making 0 dollars (did I mention the word yoga?)

 At the time, I felt like I had a purpose, but was INCREDIBLY frustrated because I didn't know what it was. I thought my purpose was to teach people yoga, and was frustrated no one could see what a good yoga teacher I was. I did handstands, I did photoshoots in ridiculously hard poses, I wrote a featured article in a magazine, and yet... crickets. (BTW- if you want to be a good yoga teacher, you should probably do the exact opposite of these three things)

So, when I heard about a yoga studio opening in my area, I pounced. Don't get me wrong- I believed in their mission and it was a great fit at the time (they were prenatal-focused and that was my love). I struggled (financially and emotionally) through the summer of 2015 and finally forced myself into a few dedicated learning experiences, specifically, the Illume Retreat, Making Things Happen and Creative at Heart.

The only good thing that happened while I was doing so much bumbling was that I was learning. A lot. I was eating up all the free content that I could, and paying for some of the better stuff as well. But, it still felt like I was getting that "FATAL ERROR" button popping up in my face every morning. It was like one of those dreams where you have to run but your legs won't move fast enough (dumb legs, MOVE!) Through all this learning, I gathered the tools I still use today to make my business what it is.

"Christina, where's the part where I learn how to make my own luck, when are you getting to the point?" Okay fine. Here it is: the bumbling was what created the luck I have now.

The bumbling was safe- I had nothing to lose, no one to impress, no expectations to meet. So I went for it. Every time I saw an opportunity, I grabbed it.

I want to stress that none of the opportunities that put me where I am today had any proverbial flashing neon lights around them, or arrow signs that said "THIS WAY." These opportunities had flaws, and faces and fears and my goal was to get to know all of those things. Some were expensive and I didn't know how or when I'd pay them off. Some were esteemed and I had to summon up as much fake courage as I could to put on my brave face and talk to them. Some were busy, or tired or too much for me and said, "No."

I believe I'm lucky, but not because of where I'm at in my business. I believe I'm lucky because I'm alive, I have people in my life who I love and who love me back, and because I have the gift of vision, mobility and cognition. The 'luck' I have in my business isn't this kind of innate luck I can't control- it's luck I created by bumbling, and bumbling and bumbling and finding my purpose- by starting and stopping and rewinding and starting again.

If you want to feel like you've made it-- like you have reached that vision of success- whether it's a multiple figure course launch, getting published or finding a husband- you have to put yourself out there and bring your Bandaids because you're going to get boo boos. But, you'll also have a really cool scar with an even better story when it's all over.

How can you create some luck in your life today?

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