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How to Deal with Playground Bullies: Entrepreneur Edition

How to Deal with Playground Bullies: Entrepreneur Edition

Have you ever dealt with a biz bully? You know… someone who doesn’t truly believe in #communityovercompetition, even though they use the hashtag? Someone who has decided you need to be singled out because you offer a similar product or service? Someone who thinks there isn’t enough room for another [insert your title here]?

This is a normal part of your business, and is actually a great way to recognize that you’re gaining visibility.

Understand where it’s coming from.

When another business owner lashes out at their competition, it’s usually rooted in their own insecurities and fears. Entrepreneurs with a scarcity mentality believe that the number of potential clients out there is limited, so their goal is to secure as many of them as possible (and sometimes however possible). Unfortunately, this singular focus leads to innocent bystanders getting hurt. It may feel upsetting to be so singled out but keep in mind that it’s not personal. It’s their mindset.

Keep being you.

Every single client out there is not the right fit for you. Stand out in your unique way, and you’ll attract the people you want as clients. Direct your energy toward moving forward with new ideas and projects. People will get to know what you stand for when you deliver amazing customer service. And they’ll learn who you REALLY are when you share your personality on social media.

Actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our own worlds that we forget there’s a human being on the other side of a logo and website. It’s natural to feel compelled to retaliate but double-check with your gut before you react… you don’t want to step over the line and enter reality-show territory. Is it a smart business move to respond? Are you reacting or responding? Are you staying true to yourself as a professional or are you acting like a smaller person? People don’t usually want to work with people who aren’t nice, and it’s really hard to erase a bad PR moment. If you keep your cool and stay professional, you’ll keep your reputation intact.

How to Deal with Playground Bullies, Entrepreneur Edition.

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