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Why Instagram Followers Don’t Matter (and the Real Number You Should Care About)

Why Instagram Followers Don't Matter

When you're just starting out, it can feel like such an uphill battle to see that you have 10 followers on each of your social profiles (and three of them are your mom, your spouse, and your dog). OF COURSE you start reading every “How To” guide on Pinterest about getting more followers.

Here's the deal though, the number of followers you have DOESN’T REALLY MATTER. There's two major reasons why you should stop putting so much value behind how many people “like” your page:

1. It’s just a smokescreen. The number of followers you have isn’t a measure of how engaged they are with you + your brand. There’s a lot of #like4like activity out there that serves no true purpose, but if it will not help you grow your business, it’s just a vanity metric. I use Iconosquare to keep track of my Instagram stats and view my engagement rate.

2. You don’t own your platform. Sure, social media is fun but realistically speaking, these platforms are changing all the time. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with all the new rules, algorithm updates and hashtags. I play for fun, but not for keeps.

So what’s the one metric that’s more important than followers or page ‘likes’?


A newsletter is the only direct access you have to your ideal clients, and the best part is, they want to hear from you.

When you consistently connect with your followers through email, they start to recognize you. You build a little more trust with each message, particularly if you can consistently pump out this content. Soon, you can ask your subscribers to help you with your research or invest in your products. People buy from businesses they trust + are familiar with, so nurturing your email subscribers pays off far more than superficially increasing your Instagram following.

The important difference between social media and newsletters is that the first gives you visibility, the latter gives you sales. Think of your social media as roadside billboards- no one buys a car immediately after seeing a car ad on a billboard. But we are biologically engineered to trust brands we see more often, which is why advertisers invest in billboards, just as you should be investing your time on your social media. But, if you want to go for the sale, you can’t just have a billboard-- you have to have an invitation to purchase too, which is where your newsletter comes in.

Are you sending out a consistent newsletter? If not, could you, even if it’s just once monthly? What’s stopping you? Comment below so we can hash it out!

Why Instagram followers don't matter and the real number that you should care about!

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