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5 Simple Steps to File Your LLC

the stress-free way to set up your llc

If you want to run a legally legit business, you need to file an LLC. No more sole prop or DBA. Learn how to file your LLC easily.

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Do you operate your business as a sole proprietor? Are you “doing business as” your business name, but still run everything through your actual name?

Then your business is operating naked. And afraid.

The problem with not having an LLC 

When you first start your business, the main goal you have is to make that first sale. And while you’re still pursuing that, I don’t even recommend getting your LLC filed. Why? Because you want to make sure you like the work, people pay for it, and you know exactly what the business will require.

If you were to get all your legal ducks in a row before all of that, you may find that you wasted time, money, and energy for something you don’t want to keep doing (or people don’t want to pay for). But once you’ve established that you have a good business idea and you start selling/booking… it’s time to file that LLC.

Using your sole proprietorship or “doing business as” doesn’t give you any liability protection, and you can’t form a dedicated business checking/savings account. 

Still not convinced you need an LLC? Here are 7 signs it’s time to form one.

Convinced you need an LLC? Let’s get filing. 

What’s stopping you from filing an LLC if it’s the right time? I’m betting it’s because it sounds like a time-consuming and overwhelming process. But it’s not! 

I’m making it super-freaking-simple to file your LLC right now if you want, by walking you through the 5 short steps you can take to set up your LLC. Watch the whole video here, or jump to the parts you struggle with below. 

Five super simple steps to creating your LLC 

  1. Choose your LLC name. Don’t overthink it — I explain why here.
  2. Get your EIN created. Seriously, it takes like 4 minutes. Here’s how to do it.
  3. Decide what address you want to file your LLC under. Hear why I have a virtual mailbox
  4. Visit your state’s Secretary of State site. I break down what to do once you’re there.
  5. Fill out your state’s LLC form and submit it. Don’t forget to submit and save a copy as a PDF! You’ll know it’s properly filed when this happens

The hardest part about filing your LLC? Avoiding scams. Seriously, they’re crafty. Hear what to look out for once you file your LLC here (and why .gov sites are the only ones to trust). 

What to do once you’ve got your LLC 

See how easy that was?? I think it takes less than 30 minutes to fill your LLC and create an EIN, and as long as you make sure you’re typing in the right name and address, it’s all good! I don’t want you to avoid getting your LLC just because it’s “overwhelming,” so I hope this has helped.

Now, it’s time to start signing as your LLC, getting your biz accounts switched over to the new name, updating your W9 with your new EIN, and making sure your legal ducks are in a row.

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