Fact or Fiction: Debunking 6 Legal Myths for Photographers and Creatives

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it's OK for you to do it too... and there's a lot of myths (and heavy-handed fear tactics) around the legal side of the creative industry.  

Wondering what the 6 biggest legal myths are? Then you need to read this blog post in its entirety over on The Southern Coterie.

I go over legal-ish you should know the answers to... things like:

  • The chances of you getting sued
  • Re-gramming someone's Instagram photos (the right way)
  • What to worry about if there's another business out there with your name
  • And the #1 excuse business owners have about copyright infringement


So go educate yourself and read the full article here.

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07 February, 2019


I really need to get a legit contract that covers me from head to toe. Due to too many people flaking out of me, this year I’m starting with retainer fees and contracts. I really feel that I’m so blank in the info dept.

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