The Opt-in Party Summit is THIS WEEK!

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No time to read? Not a fan of reading… Oh, what?!? Reading is your mortal enemy in a battle for your soul? I got chu. Here’s the skim:

Back in the stone ages of the internet (2015), when everything felt super crowded and saturated (oh how little did we know!), I created my first opt-in. Lead magnet. Freebie.

Whatever you want to call it, I created my firstbribe to entice strangers to join my email list on this crazy business journey we’re all soldiering through.

And natch… I did it all wrong!

My first opt-in was 27 PAGES LONG! Practically an online course! Literally, I did turn it into a course, and it wasn’t even that hard since I’d already written most of it (LOL!)

I got a lot of great feedback. Most people were thrilled to get such a comprehensive, thorough opt-in back in the day when most of what was out there was a total timesuck.

Aneasy email checklist to grow my list? Turned into, “Oh cool, three things I already knew about with lots of typos? Gee thanks.”

That was four years ago. Things were a lot less competitive and let’s just say… I didn’t have to do much to stand out.

But, now it’s 2019 and you can complain that things are too saturated. That things are never going to work out for you because you [insert excuse here-- are too late; are not talented enough; are not sure where to start; don’t have fancy influencer friends; would rather watch Netflix]

*wee woo wee woo* (<that’s the Tough Love warning siren going off)

If you live in the Land of Excuses, that’s all you’ll ever have. You’ll be 83 years old and telling the grandkids of alllll the excuses you’ve birthed about how you ‘could have been a real industry pioneer, but dagnabbit, that dang trendy landing page builder just messed it all up!’


You can try, and fail, and laugh about it with your friends. And then try some more, and more and more until finally, Plan S catches on and gives you a profitable lifestyle business after Plans A through O failed spectacularly (hellllooo, I tried to teach yoga for two years!!! So embarrassing!)

If you’re ready to try again this week, long-time friend to The Contract Shop®, Vanessa Ryan, has a great opportunity for you. She’s put together the FREE Opt In Party Summit, where I’ll be presenting (and giving away a $50 shop product for the 24 hours my talk is live!).

For the next 4 days, June 25-28th,over 30 industry experts have found super unique, and super awesome ways to use Opt ins to grow their business (and my snarky but serious talk about the internet privacy vs. collecting opt ins legally!).

I chatted with Vanessa personally about this to make sure this was the real deal and here’s what she said you’ll get to learn in thisfree 4-day event (click to join):

I made up that last one. And now you know my biggest dream in life…. UberWoof… I can see it now: “pooped in house repeatedly but tried to be friendly, two stars” (the driver, not the puppy).

And, I know some of you don’t have 30+ hours to kill this week to listen to all the speakers’ talks while they’re free-- they’re only free for the first 24 hours after they go live each day. 

So Vanessa has put together a great offer for you to grab ALL the talks in a portal where you canlog in and listen anytime, forever and ever for small cost.

Until Prince Uber Charming comes riding in with his artificially scented Toyota Camry (mmm, Christmas trees AND geraniums, at the same time!) with those puppies on demand, I’d say this is the most fun you’ll have for awhile.