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April 26, 2018

What You Need to Know About the GDPR

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The GDPR goes into effect on May 25th, and my inbox is flooded with messages asking about how you can make sure your website is compliant with the new rules. 

Did you know your website could be breaking the law?

Before you land in hot water, check out Easy Peasy GDPR to learn about what it takes to have a fab site that gets clients and customers with 0 jail time.

I'll walk you through exactly who needs to pay attention to the GDPR rules (and who doesn't!). You'll also get the opportunity to sign up for a free training on the GDPR, where you will find out exactly what everybody's missing.

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Not sure what the GDPR is?

GDPR is the (totally boring legal name incoming) General Data Protection Regulation... and it's ALLLL about protecting our EU friends from the nasty "we've had yet another data breach, oops you've lost a bunch of personal info you had no idea we were keeping on file!" shizz that keeps happening.

Great news for us little people (well, those of us in the EU anyway)... not-so-great news for us itty-bitty creative business owners (yes, even those of us in the U.S.).

Make sense of the GDPR, what it means for your biz, and how you can comply with the rules at Easy Peasy GDPR.

Ready to get compliant without attending the training? Check out the GDPReady™ Compliance Bundle.

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