Wedding or Event Planner Contract Template

MORE INFORMATION BELOW. You have a lot of competition. Stand out with a client experience that shines, centered around the solid foundation this contract builds.


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As a wedding planner, you have a lot of competition. You could spend thousands of dollars to get lumped into the latest featured listings, barely scraping by.

Or, you could immediately stand out with a client experience that wows from the start. At the core of every happy client interaction is a clear list of expectations. The best way to set those is with this template.

Beat the spoiled Bridezillas at their own game while making bank for your family with a contract template that sets clear boundaries. Stop working full-service hours for a day-of client. Become the type of wedding planner who gets to pick her clients, instead of the other way around.

About the Template

In less than 10 minutes, your attorney-prepared and peer-reviewed agreement can be in the hands of your clients. You will receive one license and editable download immediately upon purchase- just fill in the blanks, breathe a sigh of relief and send it to your client for them to sign. Written and peer-reviewed by graduates of top 20 law schools, you can be sure this contract template is a good investment.

  • Attorney-prepared and reviewed by two other attorneys for quality
  • Ready to copy/paste into your favorite client software systems, or use by itself
  • The choice to either keep or give away the copyright in the designs you create for clients
  • No legalese guarantee- understand your own contract and sound like a pro when you explain it to clients
  • A breakdown of all the fees you need to charge, so your clients know what they're getting (and when they need to pay you!)
  • A section that talks about what happens when the client is LATE getting anything to you or just goes missing for awhile because you have better things to do than wait on them

What the Template Includes

  • An outline of services you provide
  • A payment plan outline with suggested dates
  • Late fee clause, in case your client misses those payments
  • Confidentiality clause to protect your trade secrets
  • A discussion about who owns the intellectual property you create, with the ability to give it all to the client OR maintain ownership while the client is allowed to use the finished product(s)
  • A limit of liability to minimize the amount of money you'd owe if you ever needed to rely on your contract
  • A disclaimer and release-- if clients know what they're in for, they can take responsibility in case something goes wrong
  • All the boring legal stuff that makes this puppy a real, valid contract (don't worry- it may be boring but it's easy to understand)

Who This Template is For

  • Anyone who can't find a specific template for their field and needs a contract ASAP (click the pink chat bubble in the bottom right hand of your screen to request what you need now)
  • Anyone who is creating a new field or job title
  • Anyone who serves clients in multiple roles but can't afford our more specialized templates yet (ex: you are a copywriter and a wedding planner)


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Shipping & Returns

There is no product that will be shipped to you; you will receive a digital download. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we'll work with you to make sure you get what you need, even if that means a full refund.

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