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Coronavirus Resources for Your Small Business
I know we're all sick of hearing about COVID-19, or Coronavirus, but the reality is we're living through an unprecedented global health event that is having immediate consequences on us as small business owners.

I'm here to help you unpack the gracious, professional way to tackle these issues as they come up with your clients.
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As a reminder, I'm an attorney, but I'm not your attorney, and The Contract Shop® is not a law firm-- this article is for your educational and informational purposes only.


"How do I get free money from the US government to help my business?"


We held a free, no-pitch workshop, Giovana will be breaking down how to get up to $20k+ of relief from the US Government through:

  • The Emergency Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), which is up to $10,000 of nearly immediate cash to float your business so you can stress less about the months ahead
  • The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which is truly free money if you know how to qualify (which is what Giovana will be walking us through)
  • The Best Way to Handle Your Stimulus Check, a cash bonus of up to $1200 for qualified people, plus the tricky catch that comes with it that you won't want to be blindsided by

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"How do I cancel a contract?"

Despite the global panic, you are still a business owner with service obligations. It's important to find the most suitable cancellation or rescheduling clause in your client contract, read it and apply it. 

Discover the 5 Necessary Steps to Cancel a Client Contract Because of Coronavirus Concerns

(Everyone forgets #4!)

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"How do I communicate with my clients?"

Remember, you're still a professional, even during a pandemic. Your clients will remember how you treated them during this crisis. That's why I recently went live on Facebook to discuss tips for talking to your clients about your contract during this time.

I'm also including swipe copy templates from HoneyBook* (affiliate link), my preferred client management system!

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"I need a new contract, stat!"

Whether you're pivoting to offer new services, starting a new business, or just want to make sure your latest contracts are up to speed, I want to help. All contract templates and bundles are currently 20% OFF through March 31st, no promo code needed.


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