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Let your small business light shine...

Tell me why you decided to go into business for yourself-- Was it just something you just happened to fall into or were you driven to it by life circumstances?

Regardless of your answer, I think I can make a solid guess as to who you are and what your personality is like when I see you light up as you describe what your dream is.

You’re someone who has strong opinions about how something should be done (and probably aren’t super-satisfied with what’s going on out there sans your help). You have a strong desire to connect with people and help them with your very special set of skills. And you love the freedom you have to set your own hours, go your own way, and fulfill your creative vision.

Doing your thing—your own very special thang—lights you up and makes you shine.

Well, you’re all bright and shiny until that occasional sleepless night happens—the one where there’s some random memory from high school, some embarrassing moment you totally forgot about until jusssssst now. And then the subtle thoughts start to creep in-- will these kind of social sitches that landed you crying in a bathroom stall come back to haunt you again anytime soon? Should you even put yourself out there??#socialfails #awkward

Unless you’re a lawyer who is also an entrepreneur (like me), you probably aren’t 100% sure you’re dotting all your i’s and crossing all the t’s. Here’s the thing… helping entrepreneurs like you nail their legal stuff down is what makes me light up. I handle the boring stuff, so that you can get back to doing your best work with the clients you care about.

Ready to kick your worries to the curb and get a good night’s rest again?

In our resource guide below, the TCS team has rounded up the best of the best from our blog and product list—offering quick solutions to your most pressing concerns and letting you get back to your entrepreneurial agenda. #letitshine

Enter your contract.

There’s an easy legal solution for handling this, because your contract can help you appear professional without feeling icky.

In our resource guide below, the TCS team has rounded up the best of the best from our blog and product list—offering quick solutions to your most pressing concerns and letting you get back to your calling. Check it out!

Let's get started, shall we?

Understanding Contracts

Do you really need a contract? Oh yes you do! (And I’m not saying that just because I’m a lawyer.) A contract gives both you and your client the security of knowing exactly what to expect and the ability to hash out any disagreements beforehand. Not sure what needs to be included? Check out these posts for some quick dos and don’ts.

calligraphy contractShould I get a contract template or a custom contract?
Trying to decide whether the price tag on a custom contract is worth it? I’ve got answers for you.
how to find clients7 Tips For Negotiating Contracts With Potential Clients
Are contracts always set in stone? They don’t have to be, but let’s talk about making changes in a way that serves both you and your client.
how to find clientsYes, Your Contract Can Be Pretty AND Legal
Does every contract have to be an eye-crossing snore-fest? Nope, and it might even be an advantage if it’s not!

Copyright & Legal Considerations

Worried about running afoul of someone’s copyrights—or has someone else run afoul of you? What do you need to do about the new internet privacy laws? Get your answers here!?

How to Legally Use the Photos You Find OnlineHow to Legally Use the Photos You Find Online
Be a good internet citizen and double check whether you know the “rules” for using content you find online.
Does the GDPR apply to freelancers and creative entrepreneurs?Does the GDPR apply to freelancers and creative entrepreneurs?
GDPR might seem like the boogieman everyone is scared of, but it actually does apply to you, and here’s why!
how to find clientsLegal Steps Every Business Owner Should Take
Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, it never hurts to make sure you’ve got your legal bases covered.

Business Dos & Don’ts

Think that the legal aspects of your business stop once you and your customer have signed a contract? Think again!

client experienceThe Top 10 Ways to Create an Amazing Client Experience
Without clients, our businesses wouldn’t exist, so it’s up to us to treat them right and keep them coming back for more (or recommend us). Check out these tips to up your business-ante.
how to find clientsHow to Get Your First Client (Who Isn’t Related to You)
Even if you’re not just starting out, finding clients (and putting yourself out there) can be hard! Take a page out of my book and see if some of these ideas will work for you.

The Serious Entrepreneur's Must-Have Product List

coaching contract template
New Business Formation Bundle

Cover all the basics with this bundle and your choice of the contract template that best fits your business!
contract template
Independent Contractor Contract Template

This catch-all contract is great for client projects... or when you need to hire a little help every once in a while and need to set expectations and policies with your contractor up front.
podcast contract template
Podcast Speaker Contract Template

Hustling to get your message out there? Podcasts are where it’s at! Get your professionalism on with this snazzy template.
contract template
GDPR Compliant Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy for Your Website

Federal and international laws require transparency about what information you collect from your website visitors—and how you use it. Our handy bundle has you covered.

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