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Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Save $200 with this limited-time offer!

Protect your website for 10x faster and cheaper than hiring a lawyer 👩‍⚖️


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Protecting your website can be scary and time-consuming

You just want to get back to building your business and booking new clients, and the last thing you want to spend time on is to worry about legal liabilities or navigating ever-changing international data privacy laws.

Leave it in the hands of the experts that have been helping to protect entrepreneurs since 2015, and feel the weight coming off your shoulders knowing that your website is protected!

How To Use The Template

1. Download

Receive instant access after purchase to your attorney-written-and-reviewed template for easy editing in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Adobe Acrobat.

2. Customize

Customize the template to your business by filling in the clearly-marked blanks. Feel confident and supported with the included Hold My Hand™ video guide, where a lawyer walks you through each template clause in easy-to-understand language!

3. Upload

Copy & paste your new Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy onto a page of your website!

Why should you trust The Contract Shop®?

Contracts Drafted By An Attorney

And peer-reviewed by attorneys, so you know the contracts are legit

10,000+ Templates Sold

We're the go-to contract source for entrepreneurs, businesses, and companies like HoneyBook

No-Hassle Returns

We doubt you'll need this, but we're ready to oblige just in case. 14 days. No questions asked

Meet our Founder:

Christina Scalera

I am the attorney behind The Contract Shop®, and started the business in 2015 to help busy entrepreneurs with quick solutions to get legal. We've been featured on top-rated podcasts like Cubicle to CEO, The Goal Digger Podcast, and Don’t Keep Your Day Job.

Today, we sell thousands of legal templates to creative entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you.

Hear directly from our happy customers!

Protect your website and save $200 for a limited time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Contract Shop® a law firm?

We get this question so often that we wrote a blog post about it! The short answer is, no, we are not a law firm. We simply provide lawyer-drafted-and-reviewed templates. Law firms provide custom legal advice and solutions based on your problems and questions at hand. 

Can I trust the products that The Contract Shop® sells?

In short, yes. But we know that may not be enough to earn your trust, so here’s the longer answer:When you buy a service agreement template from The Contract Shop®, you get:

A peer-reviewed contract drafted by Christina Scalera, a licensed attorney. These templates have also been reviewed by several lawyers, which means you're getting the expertise of a handful of attorneys at only a fraction of their hourly rates.

Peace of mind knowing that your contract was written for your industry by someone who understands your business. You’ll also get the same contract that hundreds of other pros in your industry have used to protect their business [and they’ve worked for them].

Solid protection in plain English. We skip the legalese, so you can earn your clients’ trust with a contract they can understand. You also get access to resources that help you customize your contracts in minutes.

Regular updates. We don’t believe in making you pay again for something you already purchased — and we definitely don’t believe in sticking you with a template that doesn’t protect you.

Our contract templates have also been trusted by HoneyBook®, Danielle LaPorte, and Ramit Sethi’s Growth Lab. 

How can I reach a person to help me?

Email us at and we'd be happy to assist!