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Struggling to put pen to paper (legally speaking, of course)?

You have the power of transformation in your fingertips. Oh, don’t deny it, you know it’s true. With the right nib, ink, and paper, you transform ordinary names, addresses, and words into miniature works of art.

It takes talent, hard work, and hours of practice to do what you do.

As a failed-but-wannabecalligrapher myself, I know it isn’t easy. I also know that there’s more to your calligraphy skills than just putting a pen to paper.

With each project, you’re making hundreds of small decisions and assessments. Which script will convey the “feel” your client wants to communicate? What flourishes should you use? Should you use a calligraphy pen or brush? Why are your hands always covered in ink??

You’re not just worried about creating a professional-quality, beautiful product… you want to make your client’s experience with you just as memorable.

That’s where The Contract Shop® comes in.

I create contracts and legal documents that put beauty and grace into the legal aspect of running a business. There’s absolutely no reason that negotiating payments, timelines, contracts, and copyrights should put a hitch in your creative process.

Ready to get legit and to make sure your legal documents are just as elegant as your calligraphy script? No problem.

In the resource guide below, my team has rounded up the most useful blog posts and products from The Contract Shop® website—making it easy for you to quickly address your legal needs so that you can get back to the fun stuff—like trying out that new fountain pen you just ordered!

Understanding Contracts

Do you really need a contract? Oh yes you do! (And I’m not saying that just because I’m a lawyer.) A contract gives both you and your client the security of knowing exactly what to expect and the ability to hash out any disagreements beforehand. Not sure what needs to be included? Check out these posts for some quick dos and don’ts.

Copyright & Legal Considerations

Hands down, what’s a photographer’s biggest worry? Copyrights, no question. But what exactly are they, anyway? And when is someone in the wrong?

Business Dos & Don’ts

Think that the legal aspects of your business stop once you and your customer have signed a contract? Think again!

Fact or Fiction: Debunking 6 Legal Myths for Photographers and Creatives

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean it's OK for you to do it too... and there's a lot of myths (and heavy-handed fear...

Are You Ready for High-End Clients?

Clients = chocolates. No, really! Wanna know why? It all has to do with what kind of chocolate we like, and how our tastes...

The Serious Calligrapher's Must-Have Product List

Need something different than what you see here?Check out the rest of our calligraphy-specific products!

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