Passion Doesn't Equal Protection

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Hey there, passionista…

(I just made that word up, don’t judge me.) Listen, you’re doing a great job of putting yourself out there and perfecting your craft. You’re passionate, motivated, and making all the right moves... except for, you’re admittedly clueless (in a cute Cher Horowitz kinda way) about what you need in order to protect your blossoming biz.

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Your Legal Low Down with Christina Scalera...

The thought of paying your rent or mortgage, saving up for a new MacBook, or buying your fave overpriced GF cupcakes guilt-free, all because you get to make a living doing what you love excites you beyond measure. But the to-do list to get to where you want to be is a smidge intimidating, especially the legal stuff.

There’s undoubtedly a part of you that’s still teetering on the edge of belief. You ask yourself, “is this really possible”, and I assure you, it is. But making sure you’re legally protected is step numero uno in creating the business of your dreams.

Let's get started, shall we?

Clients, clients, clients! It's the #1 thing on your mind, and I've got you, boo.

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Now for some homework...

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