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Align Your Business Design...

If anyone is going to notice something that should have been tweaked a little to the left in a design, it’s going to be you. After all, you’re building a business on your ability to balance lines and colors, fonts and whitespace, creating an arrangement that communicates a message in a graceful, elegant way.

Yes, doubters might ask you whether moving that bit of the design two pixels to the left really does make a difference. But deep down, you know it does. (By the way, we’re in total agreement with you there.)

When all the pieces are in balance, everything—viewing, reading, absorbing—just starts to flow.

You work hard to create that experience for your clients. So do you owe yourself anything less?

When it comes to business, I’m a big believer in putting the legal foundations in place first. With the all that taken care of—finding clients, doing the work, and growing your business—falls into place much more easily.

So… need some guidelines on the must-haves clauses for your client contract, how to protect your work from would-be copycats, and whether you need to worry about online privacy laws?

We’ve got you covered!

In the resource guide below, my team has rounded up the most useful blog posts and products from The Contract Shop® website—making it easy for you to quickly address anything that’s out of alignment in your business so that you can get back to concentrating on the fun stuff (like pinning promising color palettes on Pinterest).

Let's get started, shall we?

Understanding Contracts

Do you really need a contract? Oh yes you do! (And I’m not saying that just because I’m a lawyer.) A contract gives both you and your client the security of knowing exactly what to expect and the ability to hash out any disagreements beforehand. Not sure what needs to be included? Check out these posts for some quick dos and don’ts.

calligraphy contractThe 3 Essentials Every Contract Should Include
If your contract doesn’t have these things, you might be in for a big uh-oh!
how to find clients7 Tips For Negotiating Contracts With Potential Clients
Are contracts always set in stone? They don’t have to be, but let’s talk about making changes in a way that serves both you and your client.
how to find clientsYes, Your Contract Can Be Pretty AND Legal
Does every contract have to be an eye-crossing snore-fest? Nope, and it might even be an advantage if it’s not!

Copyright & Legal Considerations

Finding your work out there, without credit or under someone else’s name, is a huge bummer. What can you do to protect yourself, before and after?

how to create a better client experience3 Practical Steps to Take When Your Work is Copied
Your first reaction might be to fire off a nasty email, but these steps are more productive (and more likely to guarantee a positive outcome)!
how to find clientsDo you need a copyright?
How do you know when you need to register a copyright? Read this to find out!
how to find clientsTrademark vs. Copyright Q&A
Not sure what the difference between Trademarks and Copyrights are, or how they apply to you? No worries, it’s all laid out right here.

Business Dos & Don’ts

Think that the legal aspects of your business stop once you and your customer have signed a contract? Think again!

graphic design careers3 Alternative Careers for Graphic Designers
Picky clients and late nights got you down? Consider one of these alternative career paths instead.
client boundariesHow to Establish Better Boundaries with Clients
Ah, entrepreneur life! It's all beaches and lattes... until you get a difficult client, right?
how to find clients10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your First Team Member
It’s super common, as a designer, to team up with someone else to complete another part of the work (like the writing, coding, etc). Check out this post for tips on finding the right partner for you.

The Serious Designer's Must-Have Product List

designer contract template
All-Inclusive Bundle for Designers

Be prepared for any design challenge that comes your way with the complete package for designers, covering everything from web and graphic design to hiring a little extra help.
website designer contract template
Website Designer Contract Template

If making pretty webpages is your thing, then this contract is for you. Make it easy to hammer down the details with your clients!
graphic designer contract template
Graphic Designer Contract Template

If you're sick of clients going missing for weeks at a time, only to pop up and immediately need help when you're in the middle of another project, it's time to get this template!
contract template
GDPR Compliant Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy for Your Website

Federal and international laws require transparency about what information you collect from your website visitors—and how you use it. Our handy bundle has you covered.

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