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Getting Your Biz Into Focus with Christina Scalera...

When you look through your lens, what do you see? I bet you’re not just thinking about apertures and f-stops and how your subjects are posing (although that’s super important too).

No, you’re concentrating on something muuuuuch bigger than that… you’re thinking, “dang, this is cute, don’t screw it up! this is going to be hanging in their hallway forever when they see the finished product!”

You, my friend, are not just a photographer. You’re in the business of making and preserving magic.

Here at The Contract Shop®, we’re allllll about magic. (Bring on the glitter bombs!) And as an occasional photographer myself, I have a special appreciation for how stressful it can be to make sure you’ve covered all your professional and legal bases—especially when your true passion is get that GASP moment when you flip the camera around to give your client a sneak peak.

But ya got some questions when it comes to that pesky legal stuff. Stop letting my emails pile up in the bottom of your inbox because you *really* know you should get to it soon, and start getting answers to your biggest questions, covered in a contract template.

Contracts that cover things like:

  • What if a client alters my finished photos? 
  • What if my services change?
  • What if my client cancels? Do I HAVE to give them all that money back?!
  • How should I price my travel?

In our resource guide below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best from our blog and product list—helping you easily address your most pressing business concerns and get back to that magic-making-preserving thing.

Let's get started, shall we?

Understanding Contracts

Do you really need a contract? Oh yes you do! (And I’m not saying that just because I’m a lawyer.) A contract gives both you and your client the security of knowing exactly what to expect and the ability to hash out any disagreements beforehand. Not sure what needs to be included? Check out these posts for some quick dos and don’ts.

wedding photography contract7 Things Brides and Grooms Want To See In Your Wedding Photography Contract
A wedding is one of the biggest, most complicated photography jobs out there. Let’s make sure you’ve addressed these common concerns.
how to find clients7 Tips For Negotiating Contracts With Potential Clients
Are contracts always set in stone? They don’t have to be, but let’s talk about making changes in a way that serves both you and your client.
how to find clientsYes, Your Contract Can Be Pretty AND Legal
Does every contract have to be an eye-crossing snore-fest? Nope, and it might even be an advantage if it’s not!

Copyright & Legal Considerations

Hands down, what’s a photographer’s biggest worry? Copyrights, no question. But what exactly are they, anyway? And when is someone in the wrong?

how to create a better client experienceDebunking 6 Legal Myths for Photographers
Concerned about getting sued or infringing on another business’ rights? Get the answers to these six common legal concerns.
how to find clientsThe Photographers' Guide to Copyrights
What are your rights under Copyright law and how can you protect yourself? Check out this post to find out!
how to find clientsTrademark vs. Copyright Q&A
Not sure what the difference between Trademarks and Copyrights are, or how they apply to you? No worries, it’s all laid out right here.

Business Dos & Don’ts

Think that the legal aspects of your business stop once you and your customer have signed a contract? Think again!

how to create a better client experienceThe Top 10 Ways to Create an Amazing Client Experience
Without clients, our businesses wouldn’t exist, so it’s up to us to treat them right and keep them coming back for more (or recommend us). Check out these tips to up your business-ante.
how to find clientsHow to Get Your First Client (Who Isn’t Related to You)
Even if you’re not just starting out, finding clients (and putting yourself out there) can be hard! Take a page out of my book and see if some of these ideas will work for you.

The Serious Photographer’s Must-Have Product List

photographer contract template
All-Inclusive Bundle for Photographers
Shooting Weddings, portraits, newborns, and anything else you can frame in your viewfinder? We’ve got you covered with this complete package for photographers.
photographer contract template
Wedding Photography Contract Template
Weddings are stressful—even when you’re not the bride! Set yourself up for success and cover all your legal bases with this comprehensive bundle.
photographer contract template
Print Release Contract Template
Releasing print or reproduction rights to your work? Lay out your terms and expectations with this easy contract. (FYI, this release is standard language in our contract templates, no need to buy twice!)
photographer contract template
GDPR Compliant Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy for Your Website
Federal and international laws require transparency about what information you collect from your website visitors—and how you use it. Our handy bundle has you covered.

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