Consulting Contract Template

Consulting Contract Template


Available for immediate download.

Are you a consultant helping other business owners grow and create profitable companies? Do you specialize in a certain area of knowledge that everyone loves you for? Do you want to be a specialist? This is the template for you.

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• A hefty confidentiality provision, so your clients can spill the beans about the secret sauce you share with them

• a clear outline of who owns what IP, so your worksheets, handouts and tools are protected

• A sprinkle of magic (aka you'll be able to understand every little bit of it, that's pretty magical, eh?)

• Everything to allow you the freedom to control your work and business

• A breakdown of all the costs, so not a penny goes missing

• All the fun stuff that makes this a legal instrument, even if it's not the kind you can play (well, I guess you could try, but that would be weird)

In less than 10 minutes, your attorney-prepared and peer-reviewed agreement can be in the hands of your clients. You will receive one editable document - just fill in the blanks, breathe a sigh of relief and send it to your client for them to sign. Written and peer-reviewed by graduates of top 20 law schools, so you can be sure this contract template is a good investment.

Ready to import into your favorite client software systems, like HoneyBook, or just edit and print/send as a PDF on your own.