Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreement for New Hires or Collaborations

Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreement for New Hires or Collaborations


The perfect way to effortlessly and painlessly make sure your ideas are protected as you investigate new projects + partnerships.

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Designed for you to download, plop in some info and print or copy/paste to HoneyBook, this is the easiest way to get your vendor team in order, and cover your bootay in the meantime. This template includes:

  • a lock-tight confidentiality provision
  • an understanding of liability between the parties
  • an option to terminate if the partnership/project doesn't work out
  • a powerful remedy if someone steals your idea

An NDA is used before hiring, or before entering into a partnership, joint venture or other collaboration.

You use it to mutually agree not to share the details of what you plan to do, or how you plan to do it.

That way, if you decide not to work together and go your separate ways, the other person or people cannot describe what it looks like to run your business, and they can't discuss the idea you were considering either.

It's also helpful if you're planning on hiring contractors or employees, so you can give them a test run and get to know them before you outright hire them with an independent contractor agreement.

The NDA is used prior to signing a JV/Collaboration contract.

The NDA is the "let's figure this out" phase, while the JV/Collaboration template is for the "yes, we're doing this" phase.

Available for immediate download, you can get a contract written by the legal consultant for HoneyBook, the leading client management software for wedding professionals and creatives.