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19 Ingenius Ways to Have a Great Sales Month during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Broken Out by Your Profession

19 ingenius ways to have a great sales month during the covid-19 pandemic

With the forced cancellations and closures of many businesses across the country, it's been a difficult and trying time for many of us.

Service-based businesses that rely on client-based work have been hit especially hard. 

It's essential to diversify the streams of income your business relies on, and now is the perfect time to do so.

It's almost like this forced quarantine is here to wake us up to the importance of digital + service based incomes, and give us the time and space to create what we've been ignoring.

General: For All Service Providers

1. Sell Future Services

2. Add Virtual Coaching or Planning to Existing Services

3. Host a Gift Certificate Sale


4. Sell Existing Photos as Stock Photos

5. Use this time to book out the second half of the year, like holiday mini sessions

Graphic Designers

6. Create digital download products for searchable markets, like Creative Market and Etsy

7. Finally Set Up a Retainer-Based Business

8. Create Digitally Downloadable Templates

9. For all the Brides with Extra Time-- Create Editable Canva Wedding Stationery Suites

Wedding/Event Venues

10. Selling Discounted Future Wedding or Event Packages for 2022 and Beyond

11. Selling BOGO or Similar Gift Certificates

12. Learn a New Skill to Add to Your Venue

Wedding or Event Planners

13. Add Virtual Wedding or Event Coaching

14. Add or Refine Your Wedding/Event Design Services

Coaches (Life, Business, Relationship or Other)

15. Take the Time to Write Down Your Milestones, and Sell Them as DIY Coaching

16. Pre-Sell Future Months of Coaching


17. Create a Font

18. Create Digitally-Downloadable Elements for Bloggers

19. Advertise Novel Services and Products for Future Events & Weddings


If all else fails, now is the perfect time to clean up your business operations. While it isn't as obviously profitable as say, closing a sales call, but it can lead to a much smoother business.

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