Contracts for Coaches: Get a Professional Coaching Contract

FAQ About Coaching Contracts

What Are Coaching Agreement Templates?

Contract templates are predefined legal documents that set the boundaries of the relationship between coach and client.

We have a selection of online coaching templates to choose from that will help you to clarify client expectations, as well as define your schedule and responsibilities as the coach. When you provide a formal structure for your coaching services, you can be sure you and your client are both on the same page about what you’re delivering. In the coaching contract, you can include sections with information regarding your business, a disclaimer, legal features, and more.

Coaching contracts help prevent misunderstandings that can damage your reputation, as well as enhance your coaching credibility with clients.

Contract templates also provide you with legal protection, should you experience a client that refuses to make a payment or any other business issues. The contract will give you the legal foundation to build your case.

You can ensure you have clauses in the contract to safeguard your coaching business against liabilities or disputes such as clients that don't make payments, no-shows, or clients that misinterpret your coaching advice. Carefully craft each clause in the contract to protect your coaching business.

What Should A Coaching Agreement Include?

A coaching contract needs to outline the expectations of both the coach and the client for the duration of your relationship. A coaching contract should define boundaries and clarify the business expectations of both parties.

This information should include:

  • Scope of coaching services provided
  • Payment terms
  • When services will be provided/coaching schedule
  • Cancellation policy
  • Confidentiality clauses
  • Liability clauses

Why Have A Coaching Agreement?

A coaching agreement is essential as it protects you as a business provider. A contract ensures your coaching services are properly compensated, and also makes sure you’re shielded from any potential legal disputes.

Having a solid contract will solidify the professional nature of the relationship between coach and client, making sure your clients are confident in your business professionalism.

How Do I Create A Coaching Agreement?

You can get a coaching agreement drawn up, but one of the safest and most cost-friendly methods is to use one of our professionally drafted coaching contract templates.

No matter what kind of coaching you do, there’s something to cover every business – whether you’re a business coach, personal trainer, life coach, or a therapist! Our contracts are expertly drafted to provide the most comprehensive protection for our clients. You can browse our collection of contracts and download the contract that best fits your business needs.

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