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FAQ About Website Terms and Conditions Policies

Do I need a terms and conditions information page on my website?

No, you aren’t legally required to have a terms and conditions policy on your website, but we highly recommend it for any and all websites and businesses. Terms and conditions outline your expectations of your visitors, giving clear rules to follow as well as repercussions if those site terms and rules are not followed. (Ex. "If you do not request a refund within 14 days, you will not be eligible for one.") In this way, terms and conditions reduce your liability as a business owner. Terms & conditions include clauses that protect your services and give your business a legal advantage. To get started with your terms and conditions page, we have a variety of online templates you can choose from. An online conditions template will provide you with all the legal information you can use to create your customized clauses and policies.

What should be included in terms and conditions?

Simply put, the best terms and conditions outline the relationship between your brand and your customers clearly. Your website terms and conditions agreement will tell users exactly how they can and can’t behave and what to expect when interacting with your website, services, or products. Terms and conditions include information and rules about how your products can be used (Ex. "you may not share your password with anyone" or "you may cancel your membership at anytime"). Terms and conditions can also contain important information about shipping and return policies and how your intellectual property can be used. These terms of use clearly outline the rules surrounding your products and services, giving your business legal protection.

How do you make Terms and Conditions legally binding?

Every contract is required to have these three things to make it a bonafide, enforceable legal agreement: an offer, an acceptance of that offer, and consideration (aka exchanging something of value). This is why you’ll often see a checkbox requiring customers to select that they have reviewed the Terms of Service before allowing a checkout to process or sending an e-mail marketing message. When individuals check the box, they agree to the terms and conditions of your site. These agreements are binding under the law. Users are essentially signing a contract, which constitutes online legality and makes your terms and conditions enforceable. If users break the terms of the contract, you can pursue legal action.

Is it legal to copy terms and conditions from another website?

No, you cannot copy terms and conditions from other websites. Copying terms and conditions would be considered copyright infringement, which could actually raise your legal liability higher than not having a policy at all. Further, a good terms and conditions policy is customized to your business practices and products, so copying other terms and conditions might leave you with legal liability gaps that you’re not even aware of. An easy solution with less legal worry is to use our ready-made legal documents to help create your terms and conditions.

There are a variety of service providers that can help you get started with your terms and conditions contract. These services offer everything from a terms and conditions generator or free legal tips. But the best option for creating your website's terms and conditions is to utilize online templates. A professional terms and conditions template will provide you with all the legal information to create your personalized business page along with saving you the time and hassle of creating a policy from scratch. We offer a variety of terms of service templates, so you can find the right conditions template for your business.

How do I protect my business from being copied?

Unfortunately, in this technological age, it’s generally a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’ your ideas and products will be stolen. It’s frustrating, but there are steps you can take to protect your business and intellectual property from copycats. Your terms and conditions policy is a good place to start: you can outline exactly how you want your content used. Some companies may choose to allow content use with attribution, while others may expressly prohibit sharing content or product information without consent. Your terms and conditions will give your business, intellectual property, and products legal protection in case they get stolen by users.

What is a Privacy Policy and do I need one on my website?

If your website doesn’t include a privacy policy, you could be breaking federal law. Privacy policy contracts exist to protect your users and their personal information. These policies ensure that any site visitors know how you’re going to save and use their information, i.e. emails, names, site activity, etc. Your business privacy policy should include information regarding how to use and protect user information. In today’s world where data breaches happen all the time, it's important to have a clear and correct privacy policy contract is of serious importance. In addition to online terms & conditions templates, you can find templates for your business privacy policies.

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