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The Contract Shop® creates legal templates and courses

for creative entrepreneurs, online course creators, consultants, coaches, and more.

Our goal? To help you protect your business

while cultivating strong relationships with your clients. We know how hard you work to earn every penny and we believe that professional contracts help establish a trustworthy [and legal] foundation — no matter how much or little experience you have.

While there are other similar resources out there, we’ll just keep it real: We run circles around them in terms of our dedication, experience, and quality.

Want to do biz the right (a.k.a. legal) way?


The Contract Shop Founder Christina Scalera


Christina Scalera founded The Contract Shop® in 2015. And to put it bluntly, she hates sections like this. In her own words: “This section is so tool-y I can’t even…”

That said, here are the basic need-to-knows about Christina:

  • She’s an actual attorney
  • She graduated from law school at Emory
  • She completed her undergrad at Texas A&M, College Station
  • Loves: horses, Arrested Development, and racing to put on warm clothes from the dryer
  • Hates: carbonation, feeling sticky after working out, and working out

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sharing all her magnificent knowledge about starting a business, making it legal, and growing it successfully.

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Why Legal Templates?

If you’ve ever needed a contract to work with a client or start a project, you know there are about a bajillion free ones you can pull off the internet (not recommended). Or you can go work with a lawyer (cha-ching!). But neither of those options really help you create a contract that’s both legal and specific to what you do.

Founded by a lawyer-turned-creative, we realized back in 2015 that creative business owners, coaches, and other professionals needed legal help — fast.

Sure, sites like LegalZoom provide contract templates or “legal services,” but they’re pretty generic and disconnected from the pulse of the creative industry. Plus, it’s stupid hard [and expensive] to hire an attorney. You don’t know who’s good, who’s not, and who actually knows how to draft a business contract that protects you and your business.

Welcome to the Business Owner Panic Zone.

Take a deepbreath, though

because you’ve just found the one-stop legal shop for creative entrepreneurs looking to shore up their business without cutting corners.

We’re proud to offer what we consider the best contract templates out there.

That’s because we’re constantly improving, innovating, and perfecting our products and services. We just can’t help ourselves.

The Contract Shop® is uniquely situated to help you build a strong, legal foundation for your business — so you can do what you do best. (Which probably isn’t focusing on the legal stuff…)

Have questions about our legal templates? Our team is always standing by to help.

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