3 Ways to Prevent Nightmare Client Situations

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Imagine this: You’ve just started your business. You snagged a cute little logo off Etsy that you spiffed up with colors that were oh-so-you and while you know it’s not the best website in the world, you’re pretty proud of the home you’ve crafted online.

You get your first client inquiry, and the excitement builds. “Will she book? Will she like your work?” The questions race through your head. This could be it– the start of the end (of your 9-5 job, that is!)

Fast forward and this new client loves you. She wants to work with you! You get started on the project or event together. Things are going well at first, but subtle things you used to dismiss as “she’s having a bad day,” or “that’s minor, it doesn’t matter,” suddenly starts to wear on you.

Before you know it, the client is threatening to leave you a bad review. Or she is making unreasonable demands at all hours of the night, killing your family time. Or worst yet, she has totally ghosted on you with no payment in sight for all your hard work.

While it sounds like a “worst case” scenario, the truth is that if you haven’t faced any of this yet, you will if you do this entrepreneur thing long enough. It begs the question—is there anything you can do to protect your time, sanity and, uh, hello, paycheck?


Here are the three things you need to put in place TODAY to avoid mega-drama later, which has an uncanny knack of always striking at the worst time.

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Dealing with clients can be tough.

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