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4 Tips For Updating Your Contracts Faster

Tips for updating your contracts faster

Do you dread updating a contract for a new client or project? It can be downright tedious as hell, I know! 

Of course, contract templates make it a lot easier to customize a contract for a client. If you're new to templates though, you might worry you're missing something.

If you're short on time, here are a few things you can do to update and customize contracts faster (without screwing yourself over):

1. Get clear on the outcome first

Instead of waiting until you are missing an important detail, outline the deliverables/final outcome before you start customizing your contract. This conversation should take place on a discovery call, or be outlined via email before the contract is sent over. 

For example, a wedding photographer would need to clarify important details, like: 

“This photography agreement is for [date] for $[cost], from [hours, i.e. 8am to 5pm], and you will receive [number of] edited photos delivered via email [number of] days after the event.”

When you have that information ready to go, it’s much easier to whip up a contract in no time.

2. Make a list of all parties involved

Ask for business entity names or full names during your discovery call or first meeting, so you know which names to include in the party formulas listed in your contract.

3. Use that Ctrl+F feature on your keyboard like a boss

If you’re not using a template from The Contract Shop™, the Ctrl+F feature on your keyboard is critical. This is a search function (“F” stands for “find”) and you can locate any blanks, brackets, names or pricing that you need to change much faster. 

4. Follow my Rock Solid Contract Blueprint

If you want to really make sure you're setting your contracts up for success, I have a free resource — my Rock Solid Contract Blueprint. It walks you through how to outline updates for your contract in about 10 minutes.


This checklist is designed to make sure you're not forgetting anything so you can confidently send out that contract, get it signed, and start working!

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