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5-star list-building real estate: the highest converting places for your opt-in to live

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The internet business gurus have spoken – email marketing is the best, most failsafe marketing method there is – and you listened like the super-smart, savvy creative entrepreneur that you are.

So to set yourself up for success and to collect all those lovely, lovely emails:  

  • you signed up with an email marketing service,
  • got your bases covered with a GDPR-compliant terms and conditions and privacy policy;
  • created a suuuuuuuuper  sexy opt-in that your fans and clients can’t wait to get their paws on,
  • and created a clear, easy to follow, double opt-in sign up form that’s front and center on your website for everyone to find!

Isn’t it? Please don’t tell me you hid the form way down in your footer?!

Okay, well, if you did, no worries, this post is for you. And even if you didn’t, keep reading!

See,some many of us self-starter types feel like putting our sign up call-to-action front and center is being too pushy and salesy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a great resource that would help your potential clients solve a problem they’re having… don’t you think it’s a little mean to withhold that help from them?

So today I’m talking about which patches of internet real estate are the best places to drop that email list sign up form (or the link to your form) so that it has the highest chance of getting noticed and converting passers-by into loyal email subscribers.

Ready? Okay, let’s go house shopping!

1. Place your email sign up form in a prominent spot on your website

Okay, so here we have a custom craftsman-style home, with plenty of opportunities for opt-in link placement!

The front door (aka: a popup window or banner across the top of your website, or the first big image that spans your homepage) is a great place to put your email list sign up form. If you’re using a pop up, your audience has to pay attention to it long enough to at least close the window. Or, if you use a wide, banner-style sign up form instead, it will be one of the first things your visitor sees.

Either way, these spots that will get a lot of attention – and sign ups.

2. Customize your Facebook business page header with a link to your opt in form

This sweet southern-style home has a wide wraparound porch for all your conversational – and advertising – needs!

Have you considered using your Facebook Business page header for something other  than your company logo or a picture of you vamping it up? This is valuable real estate that every page visitor is going to see… and if they’re already interested enough in you and your services to click over to your page and potentially follow you there, why not offer them a little something more to seal the deal?

3. Link to your opt in form through your Instagram bio

Don’t miss out on your chance to drop your link while doing some “city-living” in this cute little penthouse!

Think about it… every time someone visits your Insta profile, you have a chance to entice them over to your (more informational) digs with some helpful swag… so why not pitch your opt in in your bio link? Alternatively, if you have the “swipe up” feature, you can drop your link in your Instagram stories too (and then share them to Facebook!).

4. Offer an opt in opportunity to your private Facebook group

Now, here’s a cozy country farmhouse where everyone can come hang out, get comfortable, and jabber away… annnnnnnnd where you get to command everyone’s attention as the host(ess) with the mostess opt in opportunity.

If your group is made up of people who already need the services you’re offering and if your opt in is tailored to the needs of your potential clients, this is a fantastic  place to promote your link! Think about dropping the info in your welcome post (you know, the one you pin to the top that everyone is supposed to read)!

5. Add an email link to your Facebook Live Video captions

Looking to escape from everything? This exotic little beach getaway is perfect for a little rest, recuperation, and promotion!

You may not hang out here every day, but video content is one of the best ways to get engagement from your fans… so leveraging the opportunity to drop a link in the captions is a super smart idea.

6. Include your sign up link in the footer of your email newsletters

This exclusive vacation cabin is just waiting for your fans to drop in, check out from their crazy Facebook and Insta-feeds for a while, and revitalize their brain cells with some valuable information and opt in recourses.

Even though your current subscribers don’t need to sign up again, there’s always a chance that they’ll forward your email on to someone who isn’t on your list. So what then? Are you going to leave that opportunity to reach another fan or potential client on the table?

Pop your sign up link in your email newsletter footer so you don’t lose out on these opportunities when they come up.

So there you have it… six awesome properties that don’t require a downpayment to drop a link and have a lot of equity opportunity. Which of these will you try right now? Let me know in the comments!


Learn which patches of internet real estate are the best places to drop your email list sign up form (or the link to your form) so that it has the highest chance of getting noticed and converting passers-by into loyal email subscribers.  | The Contract Shop | #creativeentrepreneur #smallbusiness #contractsforall #entrepreneurs #legaltipsforcreatives

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