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Both Sides of Being Your Own Boss

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[Excerpt from The Contract Shop® on Charlie Gilkey's Productive Flourishing Show]

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Here's What We Covered:
  • How the legal aspect of a creative business can be a way to enhance relationships, rather than create adversarial and complicated relationships
  • Why finding your own trapped content can be a good way to bring in additional revenue streams
  • Why working for yourself has its own struggles, including how to define your goals and advance your business
  • What you need to know if the legal aspects of starting a new business is what’s holding you back from starting in the first place

“If you find where you can make an impact, and you see that impact being made, it changes everything.” – Christina Scalera (Tweet this)

About Productive Flourishing:

Productive Flourishing is a community for the doers with the vision to see how the world could be, the smarts to figure out how to make it happen, and the grit to do the work. We call these doers Creative Giants and we’re currently over 40,000 strong.

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