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GDPR for Small Businesses: Everything You Need to Know

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This post was first published on the HoneyBook blog, and you'll want to head there to read the post in its entirety.


The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is on everyone’s minds (and in all our inboxes) lately. Sheesh! But there’s relief in sight with a fast approaching deadline of May 25th for your compliance.

What Is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a new regulation out of Europe that applies to anyone who markets to EU Data Subjects.

Yeah, I know that's fancy legal speak, so if you want to read my plain English break down of what that means, you'll have to click here to read the full article over on HoneyBook.

Does the GDPR Apply to Small Businesses?

The big question, especially for U.S.-based business owners, is “Does this apply to me? Why should I comply with European rules?” You can determine if GDPR applies to you and if you need to comply if any of these four factors apply to your business.

Can I Ignore GDPR? How can I be GDPR Compliant by the May 25, 2018 Deadline?

No one knows yet how the GDPR will affect U.S.-based businesses, but I outline the three things for you to consider AND the three main tools you need to get into compliance right here on HoneyBook.

Read the full GDPR "What You Need to Know" Guide >>

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