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Have you created a fun quiz to grow your email list yet?

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Business Tip #1 in any Business 101 Course is to make sure you’re collecting emails from people who are interested in what you do, so that you can build relationships with them and offer them useful services and products later on.

But the prospect of building a mailing list is a daunting one – in part because many creative entrepreneurs aren’t sure what they should offer in exchange for someone’s email address.

Lots of suggestions revolve around creating helpful downloads, creating special offers, or sending coupons… but there’s an easier, much more fun way to get email sign ups!

Create a quiz and use it as part of your email list growth strategy!

But hold on there… I’m not talking about the kind of quiz that tells you what your ideal vacation is or what Hogwarts house you should be sorted into. Your quiz should provide results that help your potential subscribers with an issue they’re having… and ideally connect them to a service or product that you offer!

Not sure how to go about doing that? No worries… I’ve got the rundown on how to create an awesome quiz right here.

Step 1: Do some audience research

First things first… what problems are your target audience struggling with? (Remember that to make your quiz useful for both you and your audience, the issue you pick should be something you can actually help with!)

You can do your research in Facebook groups, survey past or potential clients, create Facebook or Instagram polls… your imagination is the limit!

While your potential client pool probably has lots of different problems, you want to pick an overarching problem that the majority of them have. Also think about the solutions this problem could have… how many are there? How can you categorize them? And how can you provide those solutions for your audience?  

Step 2: Write the quiz results and questions

Once you’ve done your research, identified their problems, and decided which one to focus on, it’s time to create the actual quiz results and questions.

You probably already have a good idea of what “buckets” your quiz-takers can be sorted into and what potential solutions they might need. But if you aren’t sure, take a little time to figure that out before you start writing out the questions.

When you’re writing your questions, don’t be afraid to make them fun and even a little silly! Including pictures can make each question even more engaging. And don’t forget to make sure the answers are realistic for your target audience (ie: if you’re working with beginning entrepreneurs and asking about income, they’re probably not making six figures!).

Step 3: Create a fun, catchy title

After all the hard work you’ve put in doing research and writing good questions, don’t downplay your quiz with a generic name! Give it a fun, eye-catching title that helps people know what they’ll get out of it!

We named our quiz “Are You Living in Law Law Land?” as a wordplay combining “law” (you know, my specialty) with  “La La Land” … for people who are clueless about what they need to do to protect their business legally!

Step 4: Create your quiz!

A quick google search will bring up lots of options for making quizzes… Google Forms, Typeform… even Survey Monkey has a quiz form! Some quiz makers provide shortcode so you can embed the quiz on your website.

We like to use TryInteract, because it’s simple to use and easy to embed on the website.

Step 5: Beta-test for optimal results

Before you launch your quiz to the world at large, it’s a good idea to run a few beta-testers through to make sure that the questions are clear and the quiz-takers get the right results!

Not sure who to ask? Your team members, close business associates, friends, or your most engaged audience members are all good candidates to ask! (Bonus: your audience will feel super special if they’re singled out this way!)

Make sure you ask for feedback about anything at was difficult, unclear, or frustrating so that you can make improvements before releasing your quiz into the wild.

Step 6: Where to share your quiz to attract email subscribers

Now that you’ve created, tested, and refined your quiz, it’s time to share it with everyone! Think about where your audience hangs out and where they’re likely to see it. Think about including links on your website, in emails to your current subscribers (remember to ask them to share the quiz with other people who could benefit from it!), and on social media profiles and posts.

But while you’re doing all this sharing, don’t just say “Hey, I made a quiz!” and leave it at that. Build trust with your audience by explaining why you’ve created the quiz and how it will benefit them when they take it. The tagline or summary of your quiz is also a great place to include this information in case someone misses your explanation elsewhere.

Ready to get quizzing? Hit me up with any questions you have in the comments section.

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Create a quiz and use it as part of your email list growth strategy! Not sure how to go about doing that? No worries… I’ve got the rundown on how to create an awesome quiz right here.  | The Contract Shop | #creativeentrepreneur #smallbusiness #contractsforall #entrepreneurs #legaltipsforcreatives

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