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How I wrap the year and plan for the next!

wrapping up 2020

 Like many of you biz owners and awesome service providers, I am wrapping things up over here, trying to put a nice little bow on things so I can take a break.

… OK, so I don’t necessarily have everything perfect and tied up in a bow (I’m just not that kinda person), but I do like to make sure we have most things in place to run without me and my team so we’re not working during the holidays.

But what does that entail? If you’re interested in how I wrap up the year and prep for the next one, read on.

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The biggest tip I can give you is schedule in the time to really look at your business or projects. What do you need to get out the door? Where are things getting sticky? And what do you want to have ready for you in 2021 when you get back to work?

If you’re not planning to take much time off these last couple weeks of the year, I still recommend doing a recap of the year past, and looking ahead at 2021. 

Review your income and expenses, clients or projects that you want to keep (and that make you all that money), and get honest with yourself about what worked and what didn’t. Maybe even assess if your current contract still works for your needs, or if it’s time to get a new contract 😉. 

All of this helps you set realistic goals or resolutions and gets you excited about what 2021 will hold. Plus, you deserve a moment to be proud of all you’ve done this year — including making it through 2020. 

We all deserve a medal for that 🏅. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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