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How to Land Your Next Brand Collaboration Easily

land your next brand collab

Calling all influencers! Are you hoping to pitch a collaboration successfully to your dream brands? Looking to up your collaborative marketing game (aka your co-branding or co-marketing game) by telling brandsexactlywhat they can expect once they agree to work with you?

In this blog, we share some tips for writing a successful brand collaboration proposal. We’ll also talk about how a brand collaboration template can outline your professional relationship from the beginning and set you up for success.

What’s a brand collaboration proposal?

A brand collaboration proposal is a way to pitch yourself to a brand. In this proposal, you give the brand everything they need to know about your offer: 

  • Who you are
  • What you’re proposing
  • When your partnership will begin and end
  • Where you’ll be working together (like a social media platform) 
  • Why they should agree to your proposal

Keep things short and sweet, but make sure you introduce yourself and explain why a collaboration would benefit  both of you. If you only talk about how you’d benefit from it, then why should they care? 

What to put in your proposal

We’ve talked about the basics of what a brand collaboration proposal does. Now let’s break down what to put in your proposal a little further.

Your brand and your stats

Remember to introduce yourself at the start! Include direct links to your social media accounts, website, and blog so the brand can see if you’re a good match.

As for stats, think about including:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of views or site visitors
  • Engagement rate
  • Audience demographics
  • Any previous brands you’ve worked with

The vision for your partnership

Why should the brand consider a collaboration with you? Use the info you shared in your introduction to explain why you and the brand’s mission align. Maybe you have the same target audience, sell complementary products, or have similar goals.

Lay out  exactlywhat your strategy is for your collaboration. That way, the brand knows what they’re getting into when they agree. Cover details like:

  • What you’re aiming to deliver (e.g., a blog feature, an in-depth review, or sponsored posts)
  • What you want in return (e.g., free products, compensation, an affiliate code, etc.)
  • A proposed timeline for your partnership

Remember that these are just guidelines. Your mileage may vary based on your own brand. Oh, and you should definitely tailor each proposal to every brand you pitch. Don’t make the mistake of sending mass emails to multiple brands! 

Save time (and stress) with a brand collaboration template

You pitched a partnership to a brand and they agreed. Congrats! Set your new collaboration up for success by using a brand collaboration contract. A contract protects your influencing biz and ensures it’ll go smoothly from the start.

If you’ve been in the influencing game for some time, we bet you have a few “fun” stories to tell about the brands you’ve worked with. Some brands turn out to be not-so-great partners, and unfortunately, that collaboration you worked so hard to secure can be a huge letdown.

But they don’t have to be! Give your next collaboration the best chance for success by outlining expectations up front. Our  Brand Collaboration Contract Template does all the heavy lifting for you.

brand collaboration contract template

Fees and payment? Check. Copyright in the content you create for the brand? Got it. What to do if the brand bails on you? It’s covered. Everything you need to start your brand collaboration on the right foot is included in our  Brand Collaboration Contract Template. Get yours today so you’re extra prepared before you hit “Send” on your next proposal!

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