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August 28, 2020

How to make money online (WITHOUT joining an MLM)

make money online from home

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I truly believe there is a job out there FOR EVERYONE that can be done from home. The first thing you'll need to is to figure out what your superpower is – something you're really good at that maybe you don't even realize.

Ask some of your friends and family and see what they say. Sometimes it's something that comes easily to you but is a struggle for others, and they could use your help.

Another simple way to make money from anywhere is to pick up an affiliate activity. Whether it's a blog or an Instagram page, your only job is to collect people.

Once you have enough people who are following and engaging with you, sign up for an affiliate program (The Contract Shop® has a great one!). Share the products in your affiliate network using a unique referral code with your audience, and get kickbacks.

And yet another way to make money from anywhere is to get crafty! I've seen people who couldn't even write their name legibly, practice, and within months were selling amazing calligraphy pieces. So if you have a hobby, you can most definitely turn it into a business. You can set up a shop on something like Etsy – the options are limitless. You can sew, draw, write, paint, you name it!

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