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Is Your Website an Asset… or a Liability?

is your website a liability?

We all know a website is a great way to get your biz off the ground and out into the world. But most of us don’t know that it can also be a liability if it’s improperly set up. 

If you’re like, “Wait… what??! It’s just a website!” you’ll definitely want to keep reading because I cover ways that your site can become a liability fast, and the four things you need to prevent any drama.

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4 things you need to reduce website liability

Here’s a quick rundown on how you can protect yourself from website liability:

  1. You need a privacy policy. And not just any privacy policy. You need one that covers international privacy and data laws (which is what our privacy policy does — and we update it whenever privacy laws change). If your privacy policy doesn’t have GDPR provisions, you could be breaking international law 😳

  2. Don’t forget the terms & conditions. This policy lets people know what the rules of engagement are on your site, and how they can interact with and share your content. If you don’t want people sharing or reusing your content, you better put it in writing.

  3. Use policies based on your offers. A blogger’s disclaimers and policies are going to be different than someone who sells dCommerce™ digital products, for example. That’s why The Contract Shop® sells different privacy policy and terms & conditions templates, based on your biz and offers. 

  4. Make sure you have a refund policy. Sick of people asking for refunds? Don’t want to hunt people down when they issue a chargeback? Refund policies are the best way to protect your bottom line and cut down on time processing refunds and answering those frustrating emails. 

Don’t wait to protect yourself and your website

Now that you know about website liability and what you need to cover your bases, it’s time to get to work! Seriously… don’t wait on this. You’d be surprised how many times businesses get dinged for privacy law infringement simply for not having something on their site.

You can check out all of our privacy policy and terms & conditions templates, and protect yourself from refund snafus with Refund Recon™. The Recon™ is a program designed to help business owners keep more of their money, and it’s packed with:

  • 15-Minute Refund Recon™ Workshop
  • 4 Ready-to-Go Refund Policy Templates
  • 1 ​Plug-and-Play Guarantee Template
  • ​A Legal Affidavit for Return of Digital Courses
  • ​5 Post-Purchase Email Templates
  • ​20-Step Refund Procedure Checklist
  • ​Copy-and-Paste Refund Request Form
  • and more!

 Check it out now!


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