Legal Things You Should Know About Your Art

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[Excerpt from The Contract Shop® on The Type A Creative Podcast]

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Here's What We Covered:
  • What comes to mind when Christina hears the label “Type A”
  • How her business, The Contract Shop, has surpassed her income with her law firm, Scalera IP Law
  • The way she “outted herself” to her Rising Tide Society group
  • When she became trained in floral design and calligraphy
  • What it felt like for her to step into areas outside of the legal field & the importance of putting yourself out there in situations that might be uncomfortable
  • The importance of appreciating the journey while you’re in it
  • Her formula for starting a new business & the legal items that need to be considered as you turn your hobby into a business
  • The personal experience that caused her to realize that creating templates would be helpful for other business owners
  • The legal items that should be considered once you are bringing in money
  • The inevitability of having legal issues in your business & why they aren’t always bad
  • Christina’s advice for dealing with copycats
  • The importance of screenshots when someone is copying your work
  • What the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is & what to watch out for when filing a takedown notice
  • How approaching potential copycats with kindness can benefit you
  • What Christina would name her left brain

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About the Type A Creative podcast:

The Type A Creative is a podcast for driven creatives. In this podcast, Jenni Brown talks to people who are starting new creative projects, have thriving creative projects, and has conversations with a rotating cast of her smart friends — from fellow bosses to creative directors and working writers, filmmakers, and artist. Together they have conversations about what it is to be both Type A and creative.


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