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November 08, 2018

Legally Protecting Your Business

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[Excerpt from The Contract Shop® on Nicole Stevenson's Dear Handmade Life Podcast]

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Here's What We Covered:
  • How getting your legal ducks in a row can increase productivity
  • When you need a contract
  • The two basic types of insurance every business (no matter how small) needs
  • The GDPR
  • The most important legal and financial things you need to have in place when you start your business and more.


About Dear Handmade Life:

Dear Handmade Life is all about intimate stories and practical advice for living a creative life filled with purpose. The show’s host, Nicole Stevenson, is the co-founder of Patchwork Show: A Modern Makers Festival and Craftcation: A Business and Makers Conference. Along with expert guests, she uses decades of experience in the handmade community, owning businesses, and the highs-and-lows of living creatively to tackle bi-weekly topics that any artist can relate to.

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