My 3 Legal Tips for Speakers & Presenters

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[Excerpt from The Contract Shop® on The Rebel Speaker Podcast]

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Here's What We Covered:
  • How I stumbled into a speaking gig that got me in front of thousands of creative business owners 
  • The importance of talking about compensation (even for unpaid presentations!) in your contract 
  • Intellectual property, aka copyright and who owns it.. because you spent a lot of time tweaking those slides and you probably want to use them again
  • How you can negotiate so much more than money with your speaker contracts

“A lot of people see attorneys on TV. They think we're really adversarial – that it's one side versus the other. It's not really that way. You both have a common goal, it's just a matter of figuring out how you're going to get there.” – Christina Scalera (Tweet this)

About the Rebel Speaker podcast:

The Rebel Speaker Podcast is for speakers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents who love speaking both onstage and off, and yet don’t have 100% confidence that their nailing their message and making the impact they want to make on the world. The tried and true public speaking tips and tricks are a sure path to an average presentation. We blow up those rules and go beyond the typical public speaking advice so that you create a presentation that stands out, makes an impact, and positions you as the go-to expert in your industry.

legal tips for speakers

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