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Our Black Friday 2020 Sales Results!!

the results are in!

In this post, I'm breaking down our Black Friday sales results at

I'm covering:

💰 What worked
💰 What didn't
💰 Our sales results

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First, I want to take a minute to shout out our AWESOME affiliates, who attracted over 40% of our sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday 🤯. These amazing entrepreneurs and brands shared their experience with our contracts and programs and I’m just so honored that they continue to spread The Contract Shop® word. If you’re an affiliate reading this, I ❤️ U.

If you’re NOT an affiliate and you’re thinking it sounds like a pretty sweet gig, click here to learn more and apply.

One of my FAVORITE things to review after our big sales is our hottest sellers. This tells us what people are looking for, and where we may want to create more templates or resources to support you.

This year, our biggest sellers were: 

  1. Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  2. Graphic Design Contract Template
  3. Website Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (Bundle)
  4. Coaching Contract Template
  5. eCommerce Store Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  6. Website Designer Contract Template

Ya'll also loved our workbooks! 

  1. Perfect Email Checklist
  2. Turnkey Business Binder

One of the biggest takeaways from Black Friday 2020 was that you guys arelovingour Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy templates. I’m so proud of all of you who are making sure that your websites are transparent and legally legit — go you!

Finally, the biggest question that came up this year — and nearly every year — is “Which contract template do I really need?”I know that our shop is pretty extensive, but you can figure out which template is right for you in just a few minutes any time of year — with our quiz! It will help you decide what you need to legally protect your biz so you can finally sleep easy.

Thanks again to everyone who bought from The Contract Shop® this year. From one entrepreneur to another, your purchase means a lot! And if you haven’t purchased from our shop yet, we appreciate you, too.

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