Should You Use the Free Contracts in Your CRM?

should you use the free contracts in your crm?

A customer relationship management tool, or CRM, is something you likely use as a small business owner. CRMs, as their name suggests, help you manage all your interactions with your customers. Everything from customer support to tracking sales to marketing campaigns to scheduling meetings. You can also keep client information, project deliverables, and communications in some of these tools.

If you use  HoneyBook*,  Dubsado, or Hello Bonsai, you might’ve noticed that they offer built-in contracts, too. And if you’ve never used one before because you’re not sure if they’re legit, we’re here to answer your questions.

*This is an affiliate link. We may earn a commission if you choose to buy a HoneyBook subscription. But you do not pay any more and you can also get a free trial by using our link!

Remember what CRMs are really for

Don’t use a CRM yet since your business is too young (or maybe  hasn’t even launched yet)? Let’s talk about what lots of biz owners and entrepreneurs use CRMs for.

A CRM eliminates the need to use a bunch of different apps, programs, spreadsheets, or databases to track and organize your client data. It’s an all-in-one system that helps you store and analyze your client data.

What can a CRM do? Your CRM can probably handle tasks like:

  • Tracking your client projects
  • Storing your files and important documents
  • Sending invoices
  • Communicating with clients
  • Booking new clients
  • Generating reports
  • Assigning tasks
  • Automating workflows
  • And tons more

Something  else  CRMs offer that you may not have known about? Contracts.

You might be thinking, “Are these  legit? How can CRM software offer legal documents? Are they safe to use?”

These contracts are a great start…

HoneyBook, Hello Bonsai, and Dubsado all offer contracts that are actuallycontract templates. That means they’re ready-to-use, fill-in-the-blank type contracts. These contracts save time on writing the contracts yourself, and also save money on hiring a lawyer to write a custom contract for you.

Those benefits sound pretty sweet, right? Since we sell contract templates ourselves, we obviously know  why contract templates beat out custom contracts.

(Full disclosure: We provide the contract templates for HoneyBook ourselves!)

Now, are these contract templates legally binding? Yes. 

HoneyBook specifies that their contracts  are legally binding,  and clients can review and sign them through their platform. Dubsado’s  help article  explains the different types of forms they offer and mentions that contracts and sub-agreements are legally binding. Hello Bonsai talks about their vetted contract templates  in this blog,  too.

…but you might want a more specialized contract

The free contracts that come with your CRM are legally binding, legitimate documents. Plus, CRMs can make theelectronic signature process [link to April #1] a little more secure. So you can certainly use them for your business!

Just remember that CRMs offer contract templates based on common business tasks or needs — new client service contracts, project contracts, terms of agreement. Based on what your business offers, you may not find everything you’re looking for in that free, basic contract template.

A photographer who wants to cover copyright and ownership in their contract will need something different from a coach, who may want to prioritize confidentiality.

Find a contract that’s perfect for your biz 

So, while your contract templates are legally sound because they’re vetted and approved by lawyers, they may not have everything you’re looking for inyourcontracts. And that’s totally okay.

That’s why The Contract Shop® offers a wide variety of contract templates specific to certain niches, industries, and professions. Contract templates are great, and small biz owners in all sorts of spaces deserve to have one that fulfills their business needs.  Browse our shop  and find one that’s perfect for you!

As a bonus, when you purchase one of our contracts, you become a member of the K-Club! You’ll gain exclusive access to trainings, checklists, and other resources to help you customize your contract and ensure that it’s rock solid. Pretty cool, right?  Find your contract  now!

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