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Talking Leveraged Income and Pricing with Tara Gentile

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[Excerpt from The Contract Shop® on Tara Gentile's POWER. PROFIT. PURSUIT. Podcast]

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Here's What We Covered:
  • Why I price my contract templates on results (and how my pricing structure has changed over the last two years.)
  • How I found my niche of creatives, including calligraphers, photographers, wedding planners, and coaches (and what my surprising top-selling templates are.)
  • How metrics encouraged me to raise product pricing — and how that pricing change inspired me to add additional education to her products.
  • My method for creating content that reaches customers at different stages of business.

“I was really, really, really scared every single time I raised the price — and nobody noticed. Nobody wrote me an email that was like ‘you raised the prices!’” But I was horrified because I was like ‘nobody’s going to buy now.” – Christina Scalera (Tweet this)

About the POWER. PROFIT. PURSUIT. podcast:

Hosted by business strategist and marketing expert Tara Gentile, the PROFIT. POWER. PURSUIT. Podcast explores what it means to build a business and life on your creative drive. We uncover both the strategic and the tactical components of how creative people make money, take control of their businesses, and pursue what’s most important to them so that you can too.

Leveraging your income

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