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The secret formula to my most successful opt-in campaigns

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My secret formula for using an opt in to supercharge a mega-sale or launch

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, you’re probably hyper-aware of how important it is to maintain an email list and have an opt in offer (also known as a lead magnet or sometimes a content upgrade) to attract new subscribers.

But all too often that opt in is just a stand-alone resource that lands in someone’s inbox and doesn’t propel that new follower down the path of becoming an actual paying client.

What if I told you there is a way to supercharge your opt in and use it as part of an intentional strategy to keep your subscribers engaged and lead up to a big sale or launch for your business?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to share my secret formula for how to create a sweet opt in-to-final sale strategy!

1. Tailor your opt in offer to your target audience

The first step in all of this is listen to what your audience wants and needs and then create the opt in offer.

How should you do that? Take the time to read their questions and conversations in the places they hang out, create a poll and send it out via your social media channels, or start talking to each of your clients individually!

Collecting your data this way is far more effective than taking a blind guess at what your clients actually need, and you will build rapport and trust with your audience by genuinely taking an interest in their problems!

2. Structure your opt in to provide valuable information and education

Have you ever been super excited to sign up for someone’s list and get the opt in they’re offering, only to be horribly disappointed when you finally look at it? Yeah, me too. It’s a total let down, right?

The solution to this problem is easy… provide actual value in your opt in and the content you share as you lead up to your bigger offer!

Delivering value should be a snap if you’ve already listened to your audience and are providing a solution for a problem they have. You could do an email sequence challenge, a series of videos or Facebook or Instagram Lives that answer your audience’s biggest questions, and repurpose other content and opt ins you’ve created to help them even more.

If you’re not planning to make your opt in and strategy part of your evergreen content, make sure to tell your audience about specific days or times when the content will be available so they don’t miss out. You could even offer to send them an email or Facebook messenger reminder!

3. Engage your audience during your campaign

To increase the buy in from your opt in members, make sure you stay engaged and give them opportunities to engage with you directly! Give them opportunities to ask you questions, and make sure you respond to any comments, emails, or direct messages they send.

Showing up in an authentic way and providing value throughout the process will help keep your audience engaged and will help them see the expertise and value that you’re offering – for free and through your paid services or products!

4. Build up your content to offer more and more value

Just like I said in the last point… you want to make sure you’re offering value every step of the way.

Throughout the launch process, show why your offer is worth the investment they’ll make and how it will benefit them and help them achieve their goals! And don’t forget to talk about the special features and resources that they’ll receive if they jump on your offer early, either.

But while you’re doing this, don’t lose sight of why they signed up for your opt in offer in the first place… make sure you fulfill the promises you made at the very beginning!

5. Give them all the deets on your ultimate offer with a stellar landing page

You’ve spent a ton of time creating content and fostering engagement… so don’t fall down on the job and slap together a half-assed landing page for your final offer. Make sure you put together a well-crafted, easy-to-follow landing page that addresses the problems your audience faces, shows how your solution will benefit them, and offers testimonials from other clients who have benefited from your expertise!

Also make sure your followers know what your ultimate “join-by” date is, and think about reassuring them with an awesome refund policy that lets them hit that “buy” button with the confidence that if your offer isn’t for them, they don’t end up with a raw deal.

6. Take the time to review your campaign after it’s all over… and celebrate!

I know, I know, the last thing you want to do is sit down and analyze every little nuance after everything is over. But trust me, you’ll quickly forget what went really well and what didn’t… and now is the time to write down any ideas you have for improvements that could be made, shortcuts you used that made things easier, or any other ideas you want to implement.

Once that’s done, definitely kick back and raise a glass to yourself (and your team, if you have one) for a job well done!!!

Got any questions about making your opt in more compelling and part of a comprehensive marketing strategy? Pop ‘em in the comments!

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