The Ultimate Guide to the GDPR for Entrepreneurs & Creatives

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What the heck is the GDPR?

And why is everyone freaking out about it?

GDPR is the (totally boring legal name incoming) General Data Protection Regulation... and it's ALLLL about protecting our EU friends from the nasty "we've had yet another data breach, oops you've lost a bunch of personal info you had no idea we were keeping on file!" shizz that keeps happening. 

Great news for us little people (well, those of us in the EU anyway)... not-so-great news for us itty-bitty creative business owners. 

Make sense of the GDPR, what it means for your biz, and how you can comply with the rules at

(And, yes, if you're in the US, this may still affect you. Emphasis on the may. HEAVY emphasis. *wink*)

What are you waiting for? Head to to get the three free secrets to figuring this thing out once and for all, before the May 25th do-or-die deadline!

Ready to get compliant without the webinar? Get the GDPReady™ Compliance Bundle right here.

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2 Responses

Christina Scalera
Christina Scalera

April 20, 2018

Hey Jeanne, thank you for checking in! We were having some technical issues with the redirects, but it’s working now.

Jeanne Sauvage
Jeanne Sauvage

April 19, 2018

The wtfgdpr link goes to a “Click Funnels” site. Is that correct?


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