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Why You Need (& How to Get) a Business Address for Your LLC

Why You Need (& How to Get) a Business Address for Your LLC

You started your small business and filed your LLC, but you have to list your address everywhere. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, this is way easier for you! However, if you’re like most online businesses, the quickest and easiest option is probably your home address.

But what if you move? And what about privacy concerns? And how do you make sure you don’t mix personal with business? That’s what we’re covering in this blog. Learn why you need a business address for your LLC — and how to find one.

Address options for your LLC

Before we jump into the spicy stuff —how to get a business address— let’s talk through what addresses you can use so you can make the best choice for your biz.

Home address

Using your home address for your business is the easiest way to get your biz off the ground fast. However, there are more cons than pros to using your home address. The biggest one? You lose all privacy. 

When you have your LLC address listed as your home, anyone who might need to contact you knows exactly where you live. It also may cause some legal issues down the road; there may be liability issues or issues with your homeowners association, depending on the type of work you do. If you can’t tell, this option is probably our least favorite.

A physical address

Another option is to have a physical address at an office. You have your own space to work and even meet with clients, and it looks profesh. Pretty sweet, right? 

Having a physical address isn’t perfect, though. Offices can be pretty expensive, you have to commute to the office, and you’ll likely have to commit to a lease. This route is usually not ideal if your LLC is just getting started.

P.O. boxes

A P.O. box, or post office box, is common for folks who move a lot or who want to have a place for mail to go instead of their front porch. This can come in handy for your business if you want to keep your personal address private. However, you wouldn’t be able to receive mail or packages from a third-party courier, and most banks do not accept a P.O. box as an address for a business bank account. 

Plus, most states don’t allow you to use a P.O. box for an LLC’s location. The United States Postal Service also strictly prohibits using a P.O. box as a suite number. In some cases, USPS offers a Street Addressing option for LLCs who want to, but not every post office offers this.

Virtual offices

Do you work remotely or move locations often? A virtual office address may be your best bet. You’ll get a physical address that’s different from your personal address. 

Some virtual office services even provide phone answering services, virtual mailboxes (they scan your mail!), meeting rooms, and video conferencing. Most importantly, you’ll get a legitimate address that you essentially “rent” for a super low cost. You are also not bound to one place and can work wherever you want.

entry door to house home business address

Location, location, location

Having a business address makes your business look professional and legit — and it majorly protects your privacy You want a business address that provides a safe place for forms, mail, and packages to arrive. And if you send physical mail, it’s a good way to make sure your returned items get sent back.

To choose the best address option for your biz, think about what kind of mail you’ll be receiving, what your budget is, and, most importantly, what is acceptable for government filings. This depends on the state in which you live, as some states need a physical address for state filings, licenses, etc.

Say you’re drop-shipping through Shopify. You may be inclined to use your home address, but that won’t protect your privacy if you have a return. Instead of having your home address on a product shop, consider a virtual address or even getting a small studio space for packages to be dropped off.

How to get a business address

Ready to get your business address? Let’s talk about the steps you need to take to get one. Well, we don’t need to tell you what to do to get a home address. You just use your address, of course.

To get a physical office address, you will need to look for a space and sign a lease. Pro tip: Consider shared office spaces or coworking spaces in your area!

To get a P.O. box, go to the USPS website or your local office to reserve a box. Then you’ll hand over your contact and billing information to reserve your P.O. box. Make sure you’re using your LLC name! (If you haven’t filed an LLC yet, do that before you get an address.)

To get a virtual office, you might start with a simple Google search to find a rental company near you. Decide what perks you want, like mail forwarding or a live receptionist. Some even include office spaces for your IRL meetings! Virtual offices can be a bit more costly than a PO box, but they’re still cheaper than renting a physical location.

Figure out what else you need to be legally flawless

Choosing a business address for your LLC is just one step in getting your business up and running. We know that it can feel overwhelming to gather all of the information for what your business needs. That's why we've created the free No-Nonsense Checklist to Starting a Business

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