Beautiful blue peacock posing for the camera

Remember that scene in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods hands over her pink, scented resume to Professor Callahan?

“I think it gives it a little something extra,” she says.

Well, you can’t scent something sent through email (although I hear they’re working on it), but just like Elle proved, attractive documents can still kick ass and take names!

Pretty contracts are just as legally binding as the boring ones!

In fact, it might even be an advantage to “prettify” up your contract. Instead of fading away into the drab, 12-point-Arial-double-space-formatted contract crowd, it could be just the attention grabber you need for someone to pay attention to your legal documents… and realize they can actually understand it!

Yes, that’s right. Here at The Contract Shop®, I write legal documents that you can actually read and explain to your clients! That is, if they haven’t already read it and understood it themselves.

Legalese is sooooo 1992.

It’s difficult to read, hard to understand, and scary to sign… who knows if if you’re just agreeing to reasonable service terms or are signing away the rights to your firstborn child (or your next puppy)?!

But even though these documents lack the Latin phrases, hereins, heretos, and wherefores of other, incomprehensible documents, they’re still effective. And having a contract in place is the best way to protect you and your business from misunderstandings with clients, late payments (or worse, no payments), and liabilities you might otherwise be on the hook for.

So check out these gorgeous examples we’ve mocked up, and see how you might add a little je ne sais quoi to your contracts!

contract template for calligrapher


contract template for coach


contract template for photographer


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