Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy for Your Website (GDPR Compliant)

Ahhh, the Privacy Policy… 

AKA that boring page on every website that we’re all happy to ignore. Until those “OH SHIITAKE!” moments.. 

And then it becomes ~extremely important~ to know…

  • What does this random site know about me?
  • Is someone gonna open up a credit card in my name with all this private info??
  • Am I going to get tons of junk calls because I opted in for texts?
  • Will I start getting weird emails from lists I don’t remember signing up for?

👆Whether or not you’ve personally enjoyed relaxing middle-of-the-night thoughts like these, I can guarantee thatyour site visitors are wondering.

Most people think of privacy as our right (whether or not we’ve already shared so much data with Instagram and Facebook that they know what exactly we’re gonna eat for dinner before we do).

When we’re questioning whether our private info is being sold on the dark web, we feel threatened. And if you want to run a real business, you need to show your visitors you care about their experience with your brand. You need to show them you take their privacy seriously.  (Not to mention that the consequences for overlooking a potential breach can be disastrous. Unless you love getting slapped with Surprise Fines! #surprise #itsnotfine)

If your website doesn’t include a privacy policy, you could be breaking federal law.

Bet you didn’t know that when you started reading this page. 😱

Even worse: if your privacy policy doesn’t have GDPR provisions, you could be breaking international law.In case you’re wondering, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which is the European Union’s set of laws regulating data privacy. 

Think of the EU as that strict-AF middle-school teacher who always checked to make sure you had a hall pass. If you so much as poked your pinky toe into the hall without a pass, you were risking detention (or worse).Your GDPR-compliant privacy policy is thegolden ticket hall pass that keeps your business safely cruising the school hallways. 

Even if you don’t live in Europe,you still probably have to abide by GDPR. Because, whether you're based in the U.S., Canada, or abroad, your website visitors live around the world. Privacy laws are different from country to country, and even state to state (ahem, California).It's not just a good idea to convey what you're doing or not doing with your website visitors’ information — it might well be the law.

What actually *IS* a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is basically a short statement of two things:

  • The kind of information you collect from your visitors
  • What you or your business will do with that information

If and when you collect any kind of data that can identify an individual, you’re required by law to make your privacy policy publicly available. Identifying data includes items like names, email addresses, location or IP address, blog comments, phone numbers, etc.

You know, just the regular ol’ super important stuff ya need to run a business.🙃

“I’m not going to misuse my visitors’ data, so I don’t need this!”

  • You, probably

If only things were that simple.Here’s the deal: your data (and the data you collect from your own visitors) is always at potential risk, because hacks happen.

Even if you guard your email list carefully with a lock, key, and a 64-character password based on your mom’s maiden name, high school mascot, and your first crush (terrible bowl cut notwithstanding), someone couldstillhack the server that hosts your email service. And steal all that sensitive info. And do terrible things with it. And even though you had NOTHING to do with it, you’d still be on the hook.

Cover your bases (and your booty) with this complete Website Privacy Policy Template

Your downloadable, easily customizable template includes sections describing…

  • What kind of information you collect and how you collect it (email addresses, browser cookies, names, etc.)
  • What you do with the information you collect
  • How you protect the information you collect
  • What third parties have access to the information you collect (i.e. your hosting platform, server, ISP, employees/contractors, and so on)
  • Who’s advertising on your site, and what information those advertisers have access to (and while you're at it, it may be prudent to say something about how these are third parties with their own privacy policies and terms & conditions...)
  • Visitors’ implicit consent to your privacy policy by visiting your website
  • When the policy was last updated
  • A notice that the policy could change at any time, so visitors should always refer to it for the latest version

Every last thorough, what-if, bone-dry detail you’d rather not DIY… we took care of those.

Not to mention… you get a Terms & Conditions template, too

Hello, Deal of the Century? It’s me, Christina. Get ready to relinquish your title, because I’m coming for your crown.👑

When you buy this template, not only will you be able to cross “Spend several sleepless nights worrying about data privacy lawsuits” off your crowded to-do list… you’ll also get to BOSS PEOPLE AROUND. (Which we already know you like doing. Otherwise why are you running your own dang business??)

Included with your baller new Privacy Policy template is a fill-in-the-blank Terms & Conditions template.Terms & Conditions is the page on your site where you say, “Here’s how to act while you’re here, and if you don’t like it, scram!” Does anyone say “scram” anymore? Let’s bring that back.

Your Terms & Conditions page lays out exactly how users can and can’t behave on your site, what you’ll do if visitors break those rules, and — conveniently — it’s where you wash your little legal hands of liability. Terms & Conditions is also where you protect your intellectual property, trademarks, and all the other things lawyers like to get uppity about. 

Hmm. For a boring boilerplate page that “no one reads,” T&Cs are starting to sound pretty sweet…  

Download, fill in the blanks, & breathe a sigh of relief

Buy this template, and less than 10 minutes from now, you could have a rock-solid, attorney-prepared Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions ready to publish on your site.You’ll receive one license and your editable download immediately upon purchase.All you have to do is fill in the blanks — and the template shows you exactly how to do that! 

Who created this template, anyway?

Your comprehensive Privacy Policy + Terms & Conditions template was written by Christina Scalera: founder of The Contract Shop, Emory Law graduate, and an actual practicing attorney. Next, it was peer-reviewed by other graduates of top 20 law schools, because we’re all overachievers (and huuuge dweebs).

You can be confident that not only is your template written in plain English that you and your readers understand, it’s legally solid (for those worst-case scenarios we already mentioned).

Who this template is for

  • Anyone with a website
  • Anyone with a blog
  • You, if you have an opt-in on your website
  • You, if you send an email newsletter
  • You, if you offer a physical product or service

That means freelancers, bloggers, virtual assistants, coaches, photographers, calligraphers, designers, podcasters, wedding pros, and more. 

If you think you might need this template, you probably do.

Can I use this if I'm not from the United States?

Yes! We work with attorneys outside the US to make sure your template is ready to use no matter where your clients are located.

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What do I have to do after I download my template?

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