3 Ways to Convert Leads Into Clients Faster

3 Ways to Convert Leads Into Clients Faster

Are you struggling to turn connections into clients? Well, guess what? You’re not alone! It’s something I’ve been hearing A LOT lately – mostly from digital service providers.

It's a tale as old as time...you make a connection, someone downloads your pricing package, you get a referral, or you even have a discovery call…what could go wrong?

And then...drum roll...they don’t take that next step. They *poof* 👻

The truth is: maybe they just weren’t the right client or customer for you. And that's ok! It's just the name of the business game.

However, if it starts to happen consistently or you have yet to really book a client or gain a sale… it could be a few things:

1) Your response times

Now, I’m not saying you need to be responding to emails or inquiries the second they come in at any hour of the day. What I amsaying, though, is that clients usually reach out when they need to make a decision fast, and that’s prime time for you to knock their socks off by simply responding. Wild, right?

2) Listen to their needs

If you get an interested person in your inbox, on a call, or you're talking face-to-face, don’t just jump into your packages or cookie-cutter offers. Even if you do use packages to book the client, let them talk to you about their needs. Listen to what might be unique, and then let them know which offer actually meets their needs. 

Using this strategy establishes that you’re interested in actually solving their problems instead of just making a sale. Again, your packages or offers are fine to share once you’ve listened, and I’m not saying you have to create a custom package for every lead. Just make it feelcustom, you know?

3) Book ‘em quick

Don't make them wait if they're interested in your services. Even if you don't start the actual project for a while, let them know the next steps. Get the contract, payment, and onboarding completed ASAP. People will appreciate your momentum and will look forward to working with a professional.

The biggest takeaway? I've seen service providers lose leads because they don't have a quick response time on inquiries, or their turnaround time to get a project started is way too slow.

Set any potential project up for success by streamlining your inquiry + onboarding process. If you’re not sure how to do that, or you’re sweating because your onboarding takes forever (drafting contracts can take forever, amiright?), I have a free resource — my Rock Solid Contract Blueprint

It walks you through how to outline updates for your project and get your contract sent out in about 10 minutes.

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