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The Single Most Important Goal in Your Business

your #1 biz goal

When it comes to growing your service-based business, the truth is... you are going to have to talk to strangers. Even if it's only online, you're going to have to put yourself out there and talk to people you don't know.

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    Stranger danger is real, guys. And when we were kids, it kept us safe. But as a business owner, the reality is: Strangers are potential clients. You have to talk to them. 

    If you’re an introvert like me, that might make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit. But I’ve overcome my stranger danger because I recognize that my client base isn’t going to grow itself. I have to go out and do the work.

    And quite honestly, after so many years in this business, it’s actually kinda fun for me to have those conversations. I’ve got my sales pitch down and I feel equipped to serve the people who come my way. Today, I want to share some of my tips so you can do the same!

    1. The first step? Start by just putting yourself out there!

    2. Create an opt-in, go live on Facebook, record a YouTube video, attend a local business event, or record or be a guest on a podcast. Whatever way you can think of to share your expertise and let people know you're available, do that.

    3. Don't focus on perfection – let "good enough" be "good enough."

    4. The single most important goal in your business is connecting with new people — and capturing their attention. This generates more leads (a marketing term that just means you have more interested people looking into your business) and makes it easier for you to convert those leads into paying clients.

    If you're not sure how to capture their attention or stand out so they *want* to book you, I've got something that can help. 

    Clients on Tap is my complete system to booking clients. From knowing exactly what makes your business unique to talking to strangers (which is actually a good thing as a business owner), you'll learn what you need to know to find new leads and convert them into booked clients. The best part? You get this program totally free, just sign up at

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